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Using a Community to Track Emotions During an Election

This Bot Can Track Emotions 

In a recent article entitled We Made a Facebook Messenger Bot to Track People’s Feelings about the Election looks at how The Washington Post created a bot to track emotions of a sample group leading up to the election. The bot named Feels was created to monitor and compile data regarding shifts in the news cycles during election times and how they were impacting this group.

How the study took place was the newspaper asked readers each night how the election was making them feel that day. The participants were asked to respond using five emoji’s with the option to explain in one or two sentences. The emoji’s ranged from a happy face to sad face to angry face. The following morning the bot would produce a report charting the emotions of the respondents from the day before, as well as some of the most interesting responses given by the group. Following the election the respondents were given a personalized report charting their feelings throughout the whole process.


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