Ontopic® Omnibus Research

Now running monthly polls in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Omnibus research is a quick and cost-effective effective research tool that doesn’t break the bank. Our monthly omnibus sample is random and representative: we set quotas by region, age and gender to ensure the sample matches the distribution of the population. Our research professionals can guide and advise you on designing the perfect questions for your research needs, or can develop complete questionnaires if desired. We always ensure the results from your questions remain confidential and available only to you.

Why do you need Omnibus Research?

Insightrix OnTopic® is our provincial online monthly omnibus that measures advertising recall, brand image and public opinion in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. OnTopic® is the ideal tool for taking the pulse of the general population (18 years and older) and finding out what people really think. You don’t have to be in Saskatchewan or Manitoba to benefit from our omnibus service.


The general population samples provided through OnTopic® allow organizations from virtually anywhere to do lean research in a fast, cost-effective way.


Benefit from our online research panels SaskWatch Research® and ManitobaWatchTM – a venue for residents to voice their opinions and have a say in local issues, politics and other hot topics.

  • Measure advertising recall 
  • Gain insight into your brand’s image 
  • Forecast trends
  • Track public opinion on hot issues


In Saskatchewan, questions are due at 9:00 AM on the first Friday of the month.  In Manitoba, questions are due at 9:00 AM on the second Friday of the month.


The online data collection field window runs from Tuesday to Thursday and detailed tables are provided on Friday. The detailed tables include the frequencies for all your questions, cross tabulations by standard demographic variables including gender, age, education, income, number of children in the household and region, and includes significance testing. Reporting and interpretation of the findings are also available for an additional charge.


Pricing varies by the type and number of questions asked on the omnibus. Volume discounts are available for those who purchase questions to run on multiple months.


The Saskatchewan OnTopic® employs our 18,000+ strong SaskWatch Research® online panel and offers fast turnaround data from niche segments like farmers, businesses, parents, specific age ranges and different regions of the province (e.g., Saskatoon, Regina, rural Saskatchewan). Cost for reaching niche segments depends on their incidence in the population. For more information on reaching these groups, call us for a quote.


The Manitoba OnTopic® employs our 6,000+ ManitobaWatchTM online panel and offers two sampling options: a representative sample of 600 Manitoba residents or, if greater accuracy is desired in Winnipeg, 600 residents in Winnipeg only.


Insightrix Research charges a minimum fee of $1,500 for participation in the OnTopic® omnibus service – the cost of two close-end questions.

Optional Deliverables

We are pleased to offer several optional deliverables you can choose from!

Raw Data
(SPSS or Excel)

PowerPoint Report
(includes key insights and implications)


Motion Infographics

Video Research

Optional Highlight Reels

Any organization, anywhere, can employ OnTopic® to obtain a representative, general population sample.

The Saskatchewan OnTopic® employs our 18,000+ online panel and offers two sampling options: a representative sample of 800 Saskatchewan residents or, if greater accuracy is desired in the two major urban centres – 400 in Regina and 400 in Saskatoon.

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