The science of research with the art of insight

At Insightrix, we work in partnership with our clients to ensure the insights we provide help make better business decisions.

We are experts in asking the right questions in the right way. We conduct all forms of qualitative and quantitative research, but specialize in the following areas:


Education Research

  • Graduate outcome surveys
  • Current student surveys
  • Labour market assessments
  • Program reviews
  • New program development
  • Early leaver studies

Member/Association Research

  • Member value proposition
  • Member engagement
  • Retention and loyalty studies
  • Lapsed member research
  • Salary surveys
  • Online voting options

Strategic Studies

  • Market assessments
  • Program evaluation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Needs assessments
  • Public consultations
  • Digital strategy development

Customer Experience

  • Internal touchpoint mapping
  • Customer journey maps
  • Relationship surveys
  • Transactional surveys
  • Verbatim analysis
  • Metric/KPI development
  • Close the Loop implementation
  • CRM Integration
  • Mystery shopping

Brand Positioning/Strategy

  • Brand health measurement
  • Customer/employee brand exploration
  • Competitive analysis
  • Sentiment and satisfaction
  • Category drivers
  • Brand associations
  • Emotional measurement
  • Market segmentation

Advertising and Communications

  • Pre-testing of concepts
  • Advertising tracking
  • Platform and strategy development
  • Creative concept development
  • Reputation measurement
  • Usability testing
  • Media monitoring

There is nothing better than working with great people.

We are research experts. 

There are many methodologies and techniques we can employ. Benefit from our experience and expertise to help you select the one that works best for your research project.


We are not just a quantitative or qualitative agency – we are a full-service research company, specializing in both qualitative and quantitative research – flexibility you don’t see often.


We are innovators but our roots are strong in traditional research, and we understand focus groups, in-depth interviews, and intercepts still have a critical role to play in many research projects. Combined with new techniques and emerging technologies, we offer fantastic opportunities not only for our clients, but also those participating in your study. 

Quantitative Research

  • Online mobile/tablet-friendly surveys
  • SMS surveys
  • Multimode surveys combining SMS, online and telephone
  • Advanced data collection capabilities such as video responses, image uploads, automated conversation moderators, multimedia capabilities and highlighter/heat mapping options

Qualitative Research

  • In-depth interviews (IDIs)
  • In-person/online focus groups
  • Ethnography
  • Shop-alongs
  • Custom online communities
  • Online bulletin boards and diaries
  • Text analytics 
  • Device agnostic website usability testing 

Reporting Options

  • Online Dashboards
  • Online portals with filtering & exporting
  • Real time top-line reporting
  • Field reporting
  • Microsites
  • Infographics
  • Video integration
  • Advanced publishing