The 2021 Saskatchewan Media Usage Syndicated Report

Following the success of the 2018 and 2020 syndicated series, lnsightrix has launched the 2021 Saskatchewan Media Usage Report – Answering Your Advertising Questions. This report updates the essential statistics needed to understand the behaviours and perceptions of online and digital activi­ties in Saskatchewan.

lnsightrix syndicated research has been at the forefront of providing actionable insights into Saskatchewan’s changing population.

The 2021 Saskatchewan Media Usage Report benchmarks are considered a baseline for businesses interested in the Saskatchewan marketplace. Since 2016, lnsightrix has completed several waves of syndicated research on this topic – including expanding the study scope to Western Canada (i.e., British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba). This year, we have done an additional wave of research focusing on the Saskatchewan population and their online and digital behaviours.

It is critical to keep to date on marketing and advertising statistics to stay relevant. Whether you are focused on marketing, advertising or understanding your competitive advantage in Saskatchewan, we have actionable insights critical to your business staying ahead.


What is new for the 2021 report? 

In addition to our trended study, lnsightrix has added a new section on media viewing shifts due to the pandemic. The lnsightrix Young Adult Panel members were invited to provide their thoughts on this topic. The report addresses insights coming directly from this bright Gen Z and Millennials group. Other new topics include:

  • Adoption of subscriptions to avoid paid for advertisements (i.e., YouTube Premium) 
  • Resonance of ads showing life during the pandemic 
  • Updated consumer perceptions of behaviour shifts due to COVID-19


Answering Your Advertising Questions

The Saskatchewan media report answers many critical questions important for advertisers to keep up with the latest marketing trends.  Below is a description of what questions were asked in 2021.

  • The rise of the subscription model and the way Saskatchewan residents consume streamed media
  • Devices used including type of devices and how often
  • Views on advertising, including the most trusted forms of media and the advertisement themes that resonate with Saskatchewan
  • Online shopping habits including factors of influence, percentage of online vs local, and biggest frustrations.
  • Social media behaviours, including most frequently used
  • The impact of COVID-19 and its implications on consumer behaviours


The Saskatchewan Media Usage Report – Answering Your Advertising Questions is available for purchase – click the purchase link below to access your report!

If you are a current client, please do not hesitate to send us a message, and we can invoice you directly for the report. 

Feel free to download a copy of the flysheet to review this information at any time. 


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