Online Voting Software

Insightrix Online Voting is a web-based platform that will help you manage your voting needs – we can help manage your election efficiently and securely.

Elections & Voting Made Easy

Insightrix Research offers online voting capabilities for elections, ballots, plebiscites and referendums, applying secure, ‘state-of-the-art’ online voting technology.


Online voting brings a unique experience to the voting process, as it improves voter convenience and accessibility while maintaining the accuracy and security of the voting process. It also provides for the immediate and accurate tabulation of election results.

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Transform your election process

Our software and election methods have been rigorously reviewed by a leading management consulting firm to ensure compliance with both national and international voting procedures.

Enhanced Accessibility

Online Voting allows eligible voters to cast their vote using any connected device in the world.

Superior Privacy & Security

Online Voting provides increased levels of security compared to the traditional voting process.

Cost Efficient & Reliable

Cut the significant infrastructure costs involved to nearly zero.

Real-Time Reporting

Election results are instantaneously available. Lengthy recounts are a thing of the past.

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SaskCanola contracted Insightrix to conduct its 2014 Board of Directors election amongst its 26,000 members. This marked the first occasion where SaskCanola did not conduct its election entirely using paper ballots and instead utilized an online approach primarily.


Over 500 members participated in the election online, with less than 50 participating by paper. The online voting process was a success, and SaskCanola plans to utilize it again in the future.


Our holistic approach means a more enjoyable voting experience.

“Choosing Insightrix Online Voting was a sound decision for Food Truck Festival Ontario. The Insightrix staff were very responsive throughout the process, and the voting website was well-designed and eye-catching. The site was optimized for mobile devices – a vital component for our outdoor event experience. This allowed the festival attendees the ability to vote on the go. At the end of the festival, the voting exercise was a success, and we would use Insightrix Online Voting services again.”

– Tomi, Food Truck Festival Of Ontario