The Science of Research with the Art of Insight

At Insightrix, we work in partnership with our clients to ensure the insights we provide help make better business decisions.

 Our diverse team of researchers have expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research and the know-how to bring your research to life. Trust our ability to choose the best method available to answer your research questions.

Concept Testing

We offer a full range of solutions to evaluate consumer responses to an idea before introducing a product or service to market.

Brand Research

All brands are different, and we offer a range of tools to help you uncover your business and marketing questions, avoiding a 'one-size-fits-all' solution.

Education Research

Tailored to support institutions with practical research involving student recruitment, student retention, branding, reputation, service and alumni engagement.

Pricing Research

The right pricing strategy goes beyond maximizing profits - it's also about positioning a product according to a brand’s image to reach a specific demographic.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is no longer about analyzing the data set – it’s about the understanding human experience and learning to capture why they are satisfied with your brand.

Citizen Engagement

Customers now have relationships with brands across multiple channels - it’s more important than ever that the various pieces fit together and provide a consistent narrative.

Attitude & Usage

We guide brand development and business growth by identifying opportunities to expand reach, attract new consumers, improve product positioning & optimize service features.

Advanced Analytics

We blend the science of statistics with the art of storytelling, and dazzle with our advanced analytics - all to illuminate your complex questions and unlock hidden insights.

There is nothing better than working with great people.

In Canada, we own and manage the largest Saskatchewan-based online research panel, SaskWatch Research, consisting of over 15,000 active Saskatchewan residents.

SaskWatch Research is an online panel of Saskatchewan residents who have agreed to participate in studies focused on Saskatchewan issues. When members sign up, they are assured they will only be contacted for market research purposes.

We also own and manage ManitobaWatch, a panel comprising 4,000+ Manitoba residents. These online panels are utilized to conduct monthly omnibus surveys for our clients.