Corporate Citizenship

We believe we have a duty of corporate social responsibility in everything we do. Being a part of the community means taking an active role in it.

Community Matters

Insightrix contributes to our community through a number of corporate philanthropy programs and initiatives, including charitable donations, partnerships, staff-driven programs and more.


We are always looking out for new and innovative ways to take part by providing assistance and support to our community stakeholders.


Dogs Making a Difference

We strongly advocate for organizations who are close to our heart. We are a pet-friendly business – because studies have shown that allowing dogs in the workplace can reduce work-related stress, improve morale and increase on-the-job satisfaction. 


We are happy to co-partner with organizations like the Saskatoon SPCA for the betterment of animals in our community. 


Staff Involvement

Insightrix is a community, and we look to each member of that community to be a crucial part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts.


We make giving back a big part of the daily lives of our staff by empowering them to do their part with the organizations and causes that mean the most to them.


We do this by assisting their charitable donations through matching gift programs and by encouraging staff to perform in-kind volunteer work by volunteering their skill set during their normal work hours.

When Insightrix designed the SaskWatch Research® online panel, we made sure that panel members being empowered to contribute to their own communities through their panel activity was a big priority.


Every day, through the design of the SaskWatch panel, SaskWatch members are given the opportunity to donate the money they earn through completing surveys to many charitable organizations chosen by the members themselves.


Since 2008, SaskWatch members have donated approx. $65,000 of their survey earnings to the charities that matter most to them.


Focus on Diversity

A community is made up of many perspectives and points of view; the Insightrix community is no different.


We employ researchers, professional staff and support staff from countries all over the world with distinct and varied backgrounds, and actively impose an environment of inclusion and equality for all members of our staff.


We embrace the many perspectives, values and backgrounds of our diverse workforce and have an uncompromising commitment to the principles of mutual respect, acceptance and equality. We are unequivocal in extending these values in our communications, community interactions and our dealings with suppliers.

Environmental Responsibility

We make our operations environmentally responsible through both managing and reducing our environmental footprint, and actively seeking vendors who do the same. 


This is seen in the environmentally responsible initiatives we have instituted over the years:

∅  developing a written policy, commitment and vision stating we will operate in a sustainable manner

∅  applying sustainability criteria when making purchasing decisions, recommending purchasing decisions and when selecting project partners and subcontractors

∅  minimizing the consumption of energy and water

∅  monitoring and assesses our environmental risks and impacts, including staff travel time and method of travel

∅  providing support to our people to reduce their own personal environmental impact by encouraging the use of public transit and through the institution of an extensive corporate recycling program

∅  employing systems architecture and equipment that is purposed to reduce energy loss and energy consumption

Leading by Example

Our CEO and President, Corrin Harper, actively works within the community in many philanthropic roles, from acting on the boards of several non-profit organizations to activity with several other charitable organizations and business boards.


She also regularly works together with non-profits and charities by seeking out affordable alternatives for their extensive research needs.


This kind of leadership by example has helped create a culture of corporate responsibility and philanthropy within our organization.