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Starbucks’ Open Sourced Customer Experience (CX) Idea

Get CX like Starbucks

Have you ever wondered how a company like Starbucks got to be so good at customer experience (CX)? We have found that a key to great customer experience comes through active and engaged brand communities that are able to provide dialogue between the customer and business, which fuels innovation and change. This innovation can come in the form of a new product or service that was needed but perhaps overlooked by management. While many businesses are not using engaged brand communities, we believe the question is no longer why should a company use online communities, but rather when will they start using an online community? We looked at the mega coffee chain Starbucks, who has been leading the way in its use of online communities, and who has reaped the rewards of this technology. Although many see Starbucks as extremely successful, history has not always been cake flavoured latte for them, in fact, there was a time when their growth was in decline and they were having to close stores.

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