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Poll: Saskatchewan Resident Perceptions of the Province

A new independent Insightrix Research poll asked Saskatchewan residents about what they think it means to be from Saskatchewan. Questions asked range from topics about slang to what they liked best about the province.

Personality Traits of Saskatchewan Residents

The survey asked respondents what personality traits describe the people of Saskatchewan. Overall, 83% of responses are positive, with the most popular traits being caring, friendly, and kind. Only 9% of responses are negative, with the most common words used being hicks, rednecks, or unsophisticated. The remaining responses are neutral and included words like conservative and traditional.

Enjoyable elements about Living in Saskatchewan

When asked about what people like most about living in Saskatchewan, 28% of respondents mentioned friendly people and a community feel to the province. Other popular responses include environmental reasons and clean air (24%), open spaces and flat lands (19%), small towns/small population (14%), a quiet, peaceful and relaxed lifestyle (11%), and being with friends and close family (9%).

Dislikes about Living in Saskatchewan

Unsurprisingly, the number one thing that people dislike about living in Saskatchewan is the cold winters and the weather, with almost half of all respondents (49%) mentioning this aspect. The next most commonly mentioned responses include narrow minded people (16%) and infrastructure issues (12%).


Insightrix asked respondents to identify whether or not they were familiar with different Saskatchewan slang words.  The most recognizable words by respondents are bunnyhug (96%), brewski (87%), gotch (86%), Vi-Co (77%), matrimonial cake (76%), gibbled (73%), and ‘2-4’ (71%). Frajolaki is the least recognizable word with only 33% saying they are familiar with it. Interestingly, the phrase ‘2-4’ is a more familiar term among males, while matrimonial cake and gibbled are terms that are more familiar among females.  Given that the Vi-co brand was retired in the mid 1990’s, it isn’t surprising that this variety of chocolate milk is more recognizable among Saskatchewan residents who are 35 years and older.

Use of Slang

Sure, the slang is certainly recognizable, but how often is it really used?

We asked respondents how often they use these slang words in everyday speech. Once again, the most commonly used word is bunnyhug. A vast majority of Saskatchewanians (85%) use the word at least sometimes, with 33% indicating they always use this word to describe this article of clothing.

The second most commonly used slang word is gibbled, which has 52% of respondents indicating they use it at least sometimes in their conversations. Other slang words used at least sometimes in their conversations include ‘2-4’ (41%), Matrimonial Cake (41%), Brewski (44%), and Vi-Co (33%). Frajolaki is once again the least commonly used term, with 13% of respondents indicating they use this term at least sometimes.

Saskatchewan Infographic Final

Research Details

A total of 804 randomly selected SaskWatch Research™ panel members participated in the online research study from March 9th to 13th, 2015. Quotas were set by age, gender and region to match the general population of the province. As the research is conducted online, it is considered to be a non-probability proportion sample and therefore, margins of error are not applicable.

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