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Qual Day in Canada!


Corrin Harper, CEO of Insightrix Research testing Neuroscience technology with Dan Weber, CEO of Itracks at Qual Day in Canada.

Qual Day in Canada

Early attempts at online and technology driven qualitative research have been successful, but the tipping point seems to be occurring more recently. Driving this evolution are numerous factors such as high speed internet connectivity, video streaming, mobile devices, facial recognition and eye tracking technology along with apps and cameras. In addition, millennial preferences and participant comfort with sharing media and ideas are pushing a rapid expansion in this area of research. These new methods are taking hold and expanding the opportunities to engage in qualitative research.



Eye tracking, EEG, and Emotions Measurement

Live Presentation by: Lang McGilp
Research Director, Insightrix Research

While there are many tools available to utilize in your qualitative research projects, the aim is to always investigate phenomena that can be difficult to measure, providing a deeper understanding to people’s emotions, attitudes and behaviours. This presentation will talk about the merits of using new emerging technologies and where traditional research can still shine. For those on site, we will show new methods that measure your brain activity (don’t be scared!), track your eye movement, and read your facial expressions.

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