Estevan Has Spoken: Insightrix Surveys Estevan Residents

A new independent Insightrix Research online poll reveals support on issues such as rental suites, P3’s, and carbon capture technology. Results are a bit more mixed regarding the views of those from outside the community and personal impacts from the lower oil prices.

Rental suites
A new independent poll conducted by Insightrix Research shows that majority of Estevan residents believe enough is being done to encourage the addition of new rental units to the Estevan accommodation market. Overall, 61% of residents agree enough is being done in this area. Another 23% do not agree and 16% don’t know. Women are more likely to agree that enough is being done to encourage the addition of new rental units to the Estevan accommodation market.

Views on people outside the community
Insightrix asked Estevan residents if the transient nature of oilfield workers impacted their view of people from outside the community. Just less than one half of those surveyed (45%) indicated it has had a negative impact. Approximately one-quarter (26%) indicated it has not changed their view and 23% believe it has positively impacted their view of people from outside the community. Another 6% did not know.

Public-private partnerships
Insightrix asked the survey respondents if they support or oppose the use of public-private partnerships or P3’s to fund health care, education, and other services. Approximately two thirds of respondents (68%) indicated they support the use of P3’s to fund health care, education and other services. Less than one-quarter (22%) do not support them and 10% did not know.


The price of oil
Insightrix asked Estevan residents how the sliding price of oil has impacted them personally. The results to this survey question was generally mixed with 24% indicating a positive impact, 38% indicating a negative impact, and 37% indicating no impact at all.

Carbon capture technology
Finally, we asked whether the carbon capture technology that is happening at the Boundary Dam Power Station is an acceptable means of maintaining coal as a source of power. Our results showed that residents in Estevan support carbon capture technology with 84% of respondents agreeing that it is an acceptable means of maintain coal as a source of power.

Research Details
A total of 300 randomly selected Estevan residents participated in the research study, which was conducted over the telephone from January 19th to February 2nd, 2015. Quotas were set by age and gender to match the city’s population. The results for this study are accurate within ± 5.58 percentage points 19 times out of 20.

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