2018 Year in Review

Over the past year, we’ve introduced new business programs, launched eCommerce accessible reports and worked for our ISO 27001 certification. We’ve also made several upgrades to our physical space and got up to all kinds of initiatives and events that made the year really fly by.

We figured we would share a synopsis of 2018 as we saw it – feel free to scan through the Insightrix 2018 Year in Review.

ISO Certification

Throughout 2018, Insightrix Research invested a great deal of capital and worked tirelessly with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in pursuit of obtaining ISO 27001 certification. And we are only months away from completing the process.

This international certification means Insightrix will distinguish itself as having some of the most stringent information security management systems (ISMS) available anywhere.

ISO 27001 certification goes beyond regular IT and data management security. It covers all aspects of information security and data management in our organization. Whether it is raw data, paperwork or even the physical space of the Insightrix offices, ISO 27001 certification means our clients can be assured their data and information is safe and protected.

Securing ISO 27001 certification in 2019 will bring Insightrix ISMS closely in line with recent EU GDPR requirements and will set Insightrix apart in the national and international marketplace as a leader in information asset and data security.

Insightrix AdCheck Launched Early in 2018

In early 2018, we launched Insightrix AdCheck – a new and innovative way of pre-testing advertisement creative. Suitable for individual ads or multi-media campaigns, AdCheck is the most comprehensive tool for assessing, predicting and optimizing the performance of advertising copy and creative.

Insightrix AdCheck is a quantitative pre-testing solution that uses standardized copy-testing measures based on a battery of questions. With AdCheck, we can help execute ad testing projects quickly and build industry norms – all with metrics that are both easy to understand and to act on.

eCommerce and Syndicated Reporting 2018

In April 2018, we added an eCommerce  storefront to the Insightrix website. Now, clients and those interested in purchasing our syndicated reports can conveniently access them directly though the website powered by Stripe.

The 2018 Saskatchewan Social Media Report offers in-depth and representative analysis of social media habits and perceptions across devices and platforms. The Saskatchewan Media Democracy Report digs into device usage behaviours, media consumption habits, views on advertising, the online shopping behaviours of Saskatchewan residents and more.

Both reports are quickly becoming recognized as an indispensable tool for targeted marketing intelligence in the Saskatchewan marketplace.

New Features to SaskWatch Research in 2018

We’ve strengthened our already robust SaskWatch Research® member profiling system. We’ve added more and even deeper categories to ensure our clients get to consult the niche groups they need to engage with most.

We’ve added specific profile categories and subcategories. These speak to general interests and spending habits, residency and newcomer status, specific occupations and distinct sub-fields of employment or activity and a whole lot more.

By adding these categories, we can probe even deeper and be incredibly specific to choose the exact participants you need for your study. This provides actionable research that speaks precisely to your unique question.

With these changes, we continue to provide the most accurate and relevant market intelligence about Saskatchewan possible.

Continuous Development in Insightrix Communities

2018 was a year of team effort and client partnership at Insightrix Communities.

As part of our commitment to providing the best customer service available, we’ve worked with our clients to develop a user experience that is second to none for the Insightrix Communities software – the only all-inclusive market research online community (MROC) platform available.

By adopting an international focus in 2018 and through consultation with existing and prospective clients, we’ve tailored our MROC to be the most robust and worry-free online panel anywhere.

Office & Focus Group Facility Upgrades

In early 2018, Insightrix implemented several office upgrades and enhancements to amenities in our focus group rental facilities and meeting rooms, including connectivity and multimedia display capabilities.

With these upgrades now in place, Insightrix is now able to offer the highest-quality focus group spaces available in the province.

Podcasts & Publications

Stories of Market Research: The Insightrix Podcast got its legs under it in 2018 and really hit its stride. What follows are the episodes of Stories of Market Research: The Insightrix Podcast we produced in 2018.

Episode 3: Market Research & the Customer Experience
In this episode of the podcast, we were joined by voice of market consultant and customer experience guru, John Morton, to discuss how customer experience is evaluated, why companies are focusing on this more and more lately and how market research can be used to make buyers’ journeys remarkable…

Episode 4: Market Research & the World of Marketing
In Episode 4, we were joined by President of the Saskatchewan Professional Marketers Assoc. and Manager of Marketing and Communications at the United Way of Saskatoon and Area (and local marketing wiz), Paige Gignac, to discuss the ways marketing professionals benefit from market research and her perspective on the place of market research in relation to the world of marketing…

Episode 5: Careers in Market Research
In this special episode of the podcast, we spoke with some of the younger researchers at Insightrix to get their unique perspectives on their careers. We discovered what led them to pursue careers as market research professionals and learn a few tricks and tips for those new to the field. The episode also features an interview with Insightrix Research Director, Lang McGilp, about the skills, abilities and background he looks for in researchers. This episode is a must-listen for anyone considering a career in market research…

Episode 6: Market Research Online Communities
Market research online communities (MROCs) are powerful and convenient research tools. In our sixth episode, we spoke with Insightrix Communities Account Manager, Megan McDowell, about what they are, the kinds of research you can do with them and the industries that benefit most from using them…

Episode 7: Market Research & Ad Testing
In Episode 7 of Stories of Market Research, we spoke with Advertising and Brand Specialist, Majid Khoury, to discuss the practice of ad testing, how it has changed over the years, the factors that have led to these changes and some of the takeaways companies can expect from advertising testing…

Check out the links below to see just some of our publications from 2018.

Why Should Marketers Do Ad Testing?
[Blog] Ad testing isn’t a thing of the past. Practical application of new methodologies has lifted the practice out of the focus group rooms of the 80s and back into common practice for forward-thinking marketers…

Why Front-Line Staff Are Critical to Your Customer Experience Program
[Article] Today’s customer experience measurement programs go beyond simple quantitative assessment and look to develop answers to WHY the customer is satisfied or dissatisfied. Today’s customer experience programs allow businesses to become more customer-centric as a whole…

The Impact of Social Media on Saskatchewan
[Release] In an independent poll conducted by Insightrix between February 5 – 8, 2018, 804 Saskatchewan residents were asked about the impact of social media on their daily lives. Respondents were asked whether they had ever been the victim of racism or bigotry online, or if they had ever witnessed such behaviour. Similar questions were asked around the topic of online harassment…

Asking the Right Questions for Your Small or Medium Business
[Blog] It isn’t always easy to know the right place to start a market research project. It may be there are many ideas for research that come to mind. A good place to get rolling is to decide the exact research questions you would like to have answers for…

Perceptions of the Canada/U.S. Trade Dispute and Confidence in World Leaders
[Release] In an independent poll conducted between July 10 – 12, 2018, we asked 805 Saskatchewan residents about their perceptions about the trade dispute occurring between Canada and the United States. Further, it discusses residents’ confidence in different state leaders around the globe…

Market Research for Advocacy
[Article] One potent way to get an advocacy message in front of the public is by undertaking in and publicizing research that demonstrates the need for such laws or policies, the public support for them and the likely results if the change were implemented…

Affinity Credit Union Brand Video Testing
[Case Study] In 2017, Affinity Credit Union contracted Insightrix to conduct creative pre-testing for its branded campaign, using Insightrix AdCheck. The advertisements tested were the first in a series of a larger campaign telling the story of Affinity Credit Union and its values…

Five Benefits of Multi-Channel Ad Testing
[Blog] With the desire to get messages out to as wide an audience as possible, many creative professionals can be quick to launch multi-channel ad campaigns without putting effort into understanding how the overall message of the campaign is about to be received…

Volunteer and Charitable Activity in Saskatchewan
[Infographic] Insightrix ran an OnTopic® survey to determine the state of philanthropy in Saskatchewan in September 2018. Learn about what the ultimate volunteer in Saskatchewan looks like in this infographic blog…

Online Surveys for Your Niche Market
[Blog] Opt-in communities help businesses target niche markets. Brands know exactly how important it is to talk to their potential customers and get their feedback. But the opportunity to enlist research participants who are interested in giving their opinion can sometimes stop your innovation from going forward. And the more niche the audience, the more difficult recruiting participants can be…

6 Saskatchewan Social Media Statistics Marketers Should Know
[Blog] As part of our continuing effort to share knowledge with the industry, Insightrix conducted the Saskatchewan Media Usage Study with residents about their digital diet – including social media habits, consumer behaviours and device ownership. As a result, we have put together a list of 6 important statistics Saskatchewan marketers need to know in 2018…

A look back at 2018

2018 was an action-packed year for Insightrix and our staff. From fundraising to staff outings, we were hopping all the way through the year.

Insightrix 2018, Presley, Insightrix Research, Office dog

CMO, Chief of Security and all-around good boy, Presley, enjoys a well-deserved treat.

Presley Returns

Early in 2018, our Chief Morale Officer and Head of Security (and beloved office dog), Presley, had to undergo back surgery – no small or easy feat for a pooch of his years.

We are happy to report that he bounced back after a short convalescence and has since returned to his position of facilitating noggin scratches and guarding the front door.

Insightrix President Corrin Harper Speaks at Data for Good Meetup

Near the end of April, Insightrix CEO, Corrin Harper, presented a study by Insightrix that profiled the non-profit sector in Saskatchewan on behalf of the Saskatchewan Nonprofit Partnership – the first of its kind ever.

The study outlined the non-profit and not-for-profit sector in Saskatchewan. It included some of the challenges these organizations face and the research requirements that both for-profit and non-profit businesses share.

Data for Good are a Canadian organization who volunteer their data science expertise to help non-profit organizations. They provide services like sector profiling, employee engagement studies, data gathering and processing, reporting and more.

Pawsitively Making Changes, SPCA, Insightrix, SaskatchewanInsightrix Works with the Saskatoon SPCA

Throughout 2018, Insightrix worked with the Saskatoon SPCA on a series of projects. We also engaged in several internal fundraising initiatives to benefit the Saskatoon SPCA. Through working together with their organization, Insightrix and the Saskatoon SPCA were able to benefit a great deal through many joint marketing initiatives, research projects and more.

You can watch Insightrix President, Corrin Harper, and Saskatoon SPCA Executive Director, Patricia Cameron, discuss how both organizations worked together in our new video, “Insightrix – Pawsitively Making Changes”.

Insightrix 2018, SPCA Night to Howl, Insightrix Research

A cheery (and slightly damp) team gets set to participate in the Saskatoon SPCA Night to Howl.

Insightrix Gives Back

A big part of the corporate culture at Insightrix is about giving back to the community we serve.

One of the ways we do this is by raising funds for organizations that are chosen by our own staff.

In April of 2018, all of Saskatchewan and the rest of the country were devastated by the news of the tragic bus accident involving the Humboldt Broncos.

Insightrix 2018, Humboldt Broncos, Insightrix Research

Don’t we look good in Green? #HumboldtStrong

While the Saskatchewan community pulled together to help the survivors of the accident and their families, Insightrix did its part by donating $1,000 to the Broncos’ GoFundMe campaign, as well as making a $1,000 donation to help the first responders who attended to the scene of the accident.

Insightrix 2018, Saskatoon Interval House, Insightrix Research

Corrin (Left) drops off donations raised by Insightrix staff at Saskatoon Interval House.

To help show they stood with the survivors of this tragedy, Insightrix staff donned their jerseys and took to social media to show their support.

Over the Holiday Season, the whole Insightrix community pitched in and raised over $1000 in funds and personal products to be donated to Saskatoon Interval House – an emergency women’s and children’s shelter in Saskatoon.

The Insightrix 10 Return

During the past two years in December, we’ve sponsored the adoption of 10 of the most hard-luck animals at a Saskatchewan animal shelter in the hope that they’ll find a home for the holidays.

We call these animals “The Insightrix 10”. This year, we sponsored the adoption of 4 dogs and 6 cats at the Battlefords Humane Society, covering all adoption fees for whomever could give them a stable, loving home.

The Insighrix 10, Battlefords Humane Society, pet adoption

We’re Looking Forward to 2019!

As you’ve seen, 2018 was a busy and successful year at Insightrix Research and 2019 is shaping up to be even better.

Beyond continuing to apply innovative approaches to provide custom research solutions for our clients, we look forward to completing our ISO 27001 certification early in 2019, rolling out a whole new season of Stories of Market Research: The Insightrix Podcast, conducting polls and surveys about national and local stories of interest and remaining a provider of the highest quality research and reporting available anywhere.

And much, MUCH more!