Saskatchewan-focused: explore the media habits of Saskatchewan residents and benefit from real digital insights.

Real Digital Insights

The Saskatchewan Media Habits Syndicated Study is the first comprehensive research study in over a decade to objectively measure media habits and patterns of Saskatchewan residents.


The Saskatchewan Media Habits study provides comprehensive & representative measurement of media habits across different devices, media types, and specific subscriptions and publications. Subscription to this study includes the results of three different surveys: 1) Digital Democracy Survey, 2) Advertising, Online Shopping, and App Usage, and 3) Social Media Usage.


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  • Digital democracy

    Examines a multi-generational view of consumer technology, media and telecom trends.

  • Advertising, shopping & apps

    Examines a multi-generational view of Sask. residents’ views on advertising, shopping and app usage.

  • Social media usage

    Examines a multi-generational view of Sask. residents’ usage of social media.

Why do Saskatchewan marketers need this report?

The Saskatchewan Media Habits study will:


  • Provide an accurate and representative snapshot of media usage among Saskatchewan residents.


  • Examine the usage of traditional versus new media, including social media.


  • Look at generational usage of media including Trailing Millennials (14-25), Leading Millennials (26-31), Generation X (32-48), Baby Boomers (49-67), and Matures (68+).


  • Serve as an indispensable tool for digital marketing intelligence in the Saskatchewan marketplace.


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Read a portion of first edition of our Social Media Habits Report released in November, 2015.