Saskatchewan Media Democracy Report 2018

The 2018 Saskatchewan Media Democracy Report is the first comprehensive research study to measure device usage behaviours and media consumption habits of Saskatchewan residents. Media today is rife with options and this abundance makes it difficult to measure and determine the optimal mix of digital and traditional media.


This is where the Saskatchewan Media Democracy Report comes in – to help business owners, marketers and agencies execute their business plans with confidence derived from market data obtained directly from Saskatchewan consumers.


The 2018 Saskatchewan Media Democracy Report

The 2018 Saskatchewan Media Democracy Report provides insights into Saskatchewan residents’ device usage habits and how this is changing over time through rich data trended from 2017. The report also examines online shopping behaviours and preferences, and paints a clear picture of the aspects on which retailers need to focus to enhance their customer experience.



Get all the key insights contained in the report right up front, without having to wade deeply into the data.


The Device Story

Find out which devices are gaining traction with Saskatchewan consumers and which ones are headed toward obsolescence. Learn what residents are using their devices for and when.



Discover how the use of subscription services is changing Saskatchewan’s’ media consumption habits.


The Personal Viewing Experience

Learn how people in Saskatchewan are connecting and engaging with the media they consume.


News & Entertainment

Find out how people in Saskatchewan are digesting news and entertainment, what they are engaging with online and where they are getting this content.


The Current State of Advertising

Learn about attitudes toward traditional and online advertising, what themes resonate most and the media to which residents respond best.


Online shopping

Explore the ways Sask. consumers are shopping online, where they are shopping and how their attitudes and shopping habits have changed over time through trended data from 2017.


Device Security

New to the 2018 report, we have added a chapter that speaks to Saskatchewan’s online security habits and which devices and applications they trust most.  



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