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Episode 7: Market Research & Ad Testing

The seventh episode of Stories of Market Research is your very own ad testing podcast episode! We delve into advertising research practice and describe some of the reasons why organizations test their ads, recent changes to the media landscape and how the practice has changed over the years. We also speak to some of the benefits companies can expect from ad testing.

For this episode, we’re joined by Partha Roy, Insightrix Senior Research Executive and consumer behaviour expert. He provides background and his expertise as co-host for the episode.

With Partha, we interview Advertising and Brand Research Specialist, Majid Khoury, to discuss ad testing as it has changed over recent years, factors that have led to these changes and the takeaways companies can still expect from advertising testing. He also takes some time to discuss the value of copy pre-testing, campaign pre-testing and what that looks like in a rapidly shifting and fractured media terrain.

If you’d like to read a case study describing how Insightrix worked with a client in an advertising testing project involving brand video testing, you can read it here.

If you’d like to read more about Insightrix AdCheck, you can download our brochure here.

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