Perceptions of the Canada/U.S. Trade Dispute and Confidence in World Leaders

Saskatchewan residents are concerned about the Canada/U.S. trade dispute.



In a new independent poll conducted by Insightrix Research Inc., Saskatchewan residents were asked if they are concerned about the U.S./Canada Trade Dispute and how much confidence they have in different leaders to do the right thing regarding world affairs.  

Trade Dispute Perceptions

Saskatchewan residents were asked which of the following statements reflect how they feel about the Canada-U.S. trade dispute. They could pick more than one statement.

One half (50%) feel Canada is being bullied, 45% feel the relationship has been damaged but will repair itself over time and 44% feel they are prouder to be Canadian. 

Q5: Which of the following describes how you feel about the trade dispute? Base: All Respondents, (n=805). 

Overall, 87% of residents are concerned about U.S. President Donald Trump’s statement that the current U.S. and Canada trade dispute “is going to cost Canadians a lot of money” (note: this question is not graphed in this report but was asked to all respondents, n=805).

As a result of the trade dispute, approximately 7 in 10 residents say they are likely to stop buying U.S.-made goods (70%), to stop or reduce travel to the U.S. (70%) and to not purchase goods from U.S. retailers in Canada (67%). 

Q4. Because of this trade dispute, how likely are you to… Base: All Respondents, (n=805).


Support for Retaliatory Tariffs

In total, two thirds (67%) of Saskatchewan residents support the retaliatory tariffs enacted by the Canadian government. Another 17% did not support the retaliatory tariffs, and 16% were unsure.

Q8: Do you support or oppose the retaliatory tariffs enacted by the Canadian government? Base: All Respondents, (n=805).


Confidence in World Leaders

Most Saskatchewan residents (80%) indicated they do not have much or any confidence in Donald Trump to do the right thing in word affairs, compared to 72% for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also received low ratings, with 61% of Saskatchewan residents having not much or no confidence that he will do the right thing.

By contrast, German Chancellor Angela Merkel enjoys fairly high confidence levels, with 50% of Saskatchewan residents indicating they have a lot or some confidence that she will do the right thing regarding world affairs. This is followed by U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May (45%), French President Emmanuel Macron (44%), Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (38%) and Chinese President Xi Jinping (30%).

Q1. Please indicate how much confidence you have in each leader to do the right thing regarding world affairs. Base: All respondents, (n=805).


Research Details

A total of 805 randomly selected SaskWatch Research® panel members participated in the online research study between July 10 and 12, 2018. Surveys were distributed in English language format only. Quotas were set by age, gender and region to match the general population of the province; therefore, the data did not need to be weighted.

Specific quotas included the following:

The division of North and South are based on the first three digits of postal codes (FSAs) and is indicated by the red line in the map below:

Age and Gender Quotas

Since the research is conducted online, it is considered to be a non-probability proportion sample; therefore, margins of error are not applicable. 

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