Saskatchewan Social Media Report 2018

Put real research behind YOUR important digital marketing strategies and stop guessing with third-party statistics!


With a rapidly growing population who use the internet to connect, it is important to get a sense of the social media platforms used by your target audience in order to create better digital experiences.


Since 2016, Insightrix has tracked specific use of social media and users’ habits in the course of their social lives online. We’ve continued our series with our 2018 Syndicated Media Usage Study. Avoid cross-tabs that include a small number of Saskatchewan residents, or worse yet, that are grouped in the infamous “prairie region”. 


The Saskatchewan Social Media Report provides comprehensive & representative measurement of social media habits across different devices and social media platforms.




The 2018 Saskatchewan Social Media Report will:

  • Trend data from 2016 to provide an accurate and representative snapshot of social media usage over time.
  • Look at generational usage of social media, including teens (14-17), Pioneer Millennials (18-25), Mainstream Millennials (26-31), Generation X (32-48), Baby Boomers (49-67) and Matures (68+).
  • Serve as an indispensable tool for targeted digital marketing intelligence in the Saskatchewan marketplace.




  • Now featuring a chapter dedicated to Saskatchewan brands – find out why residents are following local brands, which industries they are engaged in and what they are looking for in terms of advertisement.
  • More insights and less data – learn about how the Saskatchewan digital landscape has changed since 2015 with visualized reporting and deep narrative.
  • Exclusive access to qualitative research on Saskatchewan youth and the impact of social media on their daily lives. 




Key Takeaways
Get the essential insights contained in the report right up front, without having to wade deeply into the data.


Platform Usage & Habits
Uncover which social media platforms are used most by Saskatchewan residents, which platforms are most popular among specific demographics, user behaviours on these sites and what users are hoping to find when they log in. 


Brand Engagement
Discover how Saskatchewan residents follow brands online, which industries these brands belong to, what products residents are searching for and what they want from the brands they engage with on social media. 


Reviews, Blogs & Social Advertising
Learn how Saskatchewan residents engage with social media advertisements and online reviews, how they create their own product and service reviews and the levels of trust they give to social media ads and reviews online.


Social Media & Social Life 
Explore the qualitative impact and relevance of social media on the daily lives of Saskatchewan residents, how concerns of privacy and security have influenced their social media behaviours and attitudes and how much trust they attach to the messages they receive online. 


Excluding 5% tax