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Insightrix is the primary provider of professional focus group facilities in Saskatoon. Insightrix can anticipate and accommodate your focus group needs.


The Insightrix Focus Group Facility, which includes a meeting room and private observation room, is near the Saskatoon Airport and is easily accessible through public transportation.


Rent Our Focus Group Facility Today:


Call 1.866.888.5640

Features & Facilities

Closed-circuit video and audio feed

Live web-streaming option

DVD copy of the focus group session

Refreshments & catering

  • Close to amenities such as airport, restaurants and bars
  • Group room: comfortably holds 14 participants
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Ample counter/work space
  • Air conditioning
  • Observation room: seating for up to eight people, including four seats at the one-way mirror
  • TV viewing room: seating for an additional eight people is available
  • Dual video and audio recording
  • Studio-grade audio
  • 60-inch TV in TV viewing room
  • Four 27” TV monitors in the viewing room (offering different views of the participants in addition to the one-way mirror)
  • Equipped with glass bar tables and aluminum stools
  • Choice of gourmet coffee
  • Dishwasher, dishes and utensils

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