Affinity Credit Union Brand Video Testing


In October 2017, Affinity Credit Union challenged Insightrix to conduct creative pre-testing for its branding campaign.


In 2017, Affinity Credit Union contracted Insightrix Research to conduct creative pre-testing for its branding campaign using Insightrix AdCheck. The advertisements tested were the first in a series of more extensive campaigns telling the story of Affinity Credit Union and its values.


For this series of ads, Affinity Credit Union was interested in testing three different animatic advertisements (with storyboards), as well as secondary media, like online and social media advertisements, and the taglines “Together We Do Better” and “Do Better”.


The specific objectives of the study were to measure the effectiveness of the three brand advertisements and identify those most effective for optimization for media effectiveness based on the following criteria:

  • Engenders positive emotional response
  • Differentiates Affinity Credit Union from other financial institutions in a way that matters
  • Reflects the Affinity Credit Union vision of building a better world for everyone, every day
  • Demonstrates the value proposition of Affinity Credit Unions – to exist because of and for its members and work to advance their financial well-being.


To meet the stated research objectives, Insightrix recommended a quantitative online testing approach to evaluate animatic versions of the ads. We also recommended testing the additional content (social media advertisements and taglines) with a consumer audience.


The primary media (video advertisements) were tested through a monadic testing approach. Each respondent was presented with only one of the three video advertisements and evaluated only that one.


Testing measured several key variables:

  • Is the creative material the best it can be?
  • Will it break through the clutter?
  • Does the audience connect with it emotionally?
  • Are the communication and messaging effective?
  • Are the product benefits clear?
  • Does the messaging resonate with consumers in Saskatchewan?
  • Does it meet Affinity Credit Union’s branding objectives?


As a result of employing Insightrix ad pre-testing, Affinity Credit Union has begun to utilize the feedback and recommendations they received to optimize the three video advertisements and the final campaign itself and measure how successful the advertisements are in the building of a meaningful, emotional connection with the brand.


Insightrix AdCheck provided specific insights and recommendations for each video advertisement tested, distinct to particular elements of each. These insights included how the audience connected to the ads via emotional response, the positivity or negativity of the reactions noted, audience comprehension of the storylines presented and how well the advertisements integrated with the Affinity Credit Union brand.


Feedback provided included indicating specific issues about the tone and empathy of the advertisements’ voice-over narration and identifying the most impactful images to use in the ads. Insightrix also noted a high correlation between music to emotional engagement and recommended the music be retained in the final iterations of the advertisements.


Insightrix continues to work closely with Affinity Credit Union to help develop its advertising, focusing on emotional aspects. As emotion is the primary driver of experience, it is the goal that when members come to Affinity Credit Unions, it is hoped they will feel something special and know precisely what Affinity Credit Union has brought about to make them feel that way.


Affinity Credit Union continues to work with Insightrix to take advantage of other research (online communities research) to develop the ideal member experience and use this intelligence to inform further advertising and long-term brand-building initiatives.

Comments from Affinity Credit Union:

“We have worked with Insightrix for several years on a variety of primary research initiatives. We appreciate the expertise they bring to each engagement and their local perspective. Specific to the brand testing project, the methodology produced actionable insights in key areas, such as brand memorability, communication and response. As always, the report we received from Insightrix was more than statistics; it was recommendations with context.


Based on our relationship, the researchers were able to draw upon findings from past projects and help us draw a more complete picture of Affinity Credit Union’s positioning in the minds of our targeted consumers. The key findings and conclusions of the research offered a clear path for us to advance our branding efforts and greater comfort in its long-term impact and probability of success.”

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