Episode 6: Market Research Online Communities

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Episode 6: Market Research Online Communities

In our sixth episode, we’re discussing market research online communities – What are they? What kinds of research do they do? Just who is using them?

We’re joined by Megan McDowell, an Insightrix Communities Account Manager and all-around expert on online communities. She lays out what they are and how they are used, and speaks to an Insightrix Communities project, Young Futures, to illustrate some of their benefits and new ways these powerful research tools can be used.

Later in the episode, we’re joined by Adam Thome (Member Insights Manager) and Dylan Cody from Affinity Credit Union, who explain some of the ways their organization has employed market research online communities in one of their recent research projects.

If you’d like to check out what an online community looks like, head over to the Insightrix YouTube channel and watch the bonus video – A Guided Tour of a Market Research Online Community. It will offer an inside view of what they look like, using the Insightrix Communities online community platform as an example.

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