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Episode 5Careers in Market Research concerns just that – the stories straight from market research. In this episode, we sit down with a panel of young research professionals who are a part of the Insightrix team to listen to their perspectives and points of view on what it’s like to be a young research professional working in the field of market research.

These young research professionals offer up some of their unique experiences and perspectives as they have worked to begin their careers in MR, and some of the tricks of the trade they’ve picked up over their years on the job.

They share some of the challenges they’ve faced and overcome, the skillsets and credentials that helped them secure their positions and to be successful in them and they give us an idea of what a day in the life of an MR professional looks like.

If you’d like to put a face to the names you hear on our podcast, check out the extra bonus video we produced. It’s also available on the Insightrix YouTube Channel.

We are also joined by Insightrix Research Director, Lang McGilp, for a chat about how market research has changed over the years in both practice and the tools used to do it. Lang also provides insight for young researchers looking to enter the field of market research in regards to the skillsets, education and specializations that will help them stand out when they look to pursue their new careers in market research.

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Interested in learning more about how the worlds of market research and marketing collide and co-exist?

Episode 4 of Stories of Market Research speaks to just that

We’re joined in this episode by Insightrix Creative and Digital Strategist, Sharday Torgerson, as co-host for the episode.

She shares her experience for a forthright discussion about how marketers use market research to better inform their marketing strategies and initiatives. We also discuss how and where the practices of market research and marketing inform one another.

We also welcome marketing guru, Paige Gignac, Manager of Marketing and Communications for the United Way of Saskatoon and Area, and president of the Saskatchewan Professional Marketing Association (SPMA). She offers her perspective on the place of market research in marketing, as well as how marketers employ market research methodologies (like A/B testing) and gives reasons why marketers and marketing agencies should continue to employ market research firms.

Are you interested in hearing about how market research can be used to gauge and affect the overall customer experience (CX)?


Episode 3 of the Insightrix Podcast is all about CX

In our third episode, Market Research and the Customer Experience, we are joined by Market Research Professional, Jhumur Choudhury, as the co-host for the episode.

She offers her experience and viewpoints for a chat about market research customer experience programs with our guest for the episode, John Morton, a voice of market consultant and expert in the field of customer experience management.

John’s perspective on customer experience and Jhumur’s experience provide a great resource for those looking to learn more about emerging technologies, best practices and why customer experience programs are so critical to businesses of all kinds.

You’ll probably also want to download this whitepaper about Insightrix Customer-Centric Experience Programs. It will help to fill in any blanks that may have been missed in our discussion of the topic at hand.

How about an episode that speaks to how market research and the people who do it give back to their communities?


Episode 2 is all about corporate social responsibility in MR 

In the episode, Market Research Gives Back, we discuss how market research and the skill sets and methodologies used therein can be used as a force for good with volunteers from Data for Good, a Canadian non-profit organization who gives back by volunteering their data science skills to non-profits, not-for-profits and NGOs.

For Episode 2, we’re joined by phone from Toronto by Joy Robson, co-founder of Data for Good. Joy shares with us what the organization is all about and how it all got started.

We’re also joined by the other co-founder of the organization, Geoff Zakaib, from his offices in Calgary to talk about how the Calgary Chapter of Data for Good held a Meetup in November of last year, and to give his thoughts on the movement of volunteering data science for good causes.

Filling out the episode, founder of the Regina Chapter of Data for Good, Kevin Hayes, joins the podcast to talk about the challenges and pleasures of starting the newest chapter in the organization.

You can contact Data For Good through their website. You can also reach each chapter individually through Twitter:

Calgary Chapter: @DataForGoodYYC 
Regina Chapter: @dataforgoodyqr 
National Chapter: @Data_For_Good 

But how about an episode that speaks about the changes in styles of reporting the market research industry has seen over the years?

Episode 1 of Stories of Market Research is all about visual reporting in market research

In our inaugural episode of the podcast, we speak with Ellen Eastwood, an independent research and insights consultant, instructor with the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) and research storyteller.

During the podcast, we chat about the shift that has occurred over the past few years in the way that market research agencies have chosen to report their data to clients and to the public. Rather than the data-dumping style of reporting common in the last few decades, more and more market researchers and their agencies have chosen to adopt a more client-friendly approach to their reports.

They have done this through developing reports that are more narrative in nature, telling the story of the data in ways that are actionable and understandable upon first reading rather than providing reports that leave clients with little more than charts and figures with little perspective on their importance.

If you’d like to learn more about the MRIA, check out their website.


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