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Episode 2: Market Research Gives Back

In this episode, we discuss how market research and the skills and methodologies employed in the field can be used for good with volunteers from Data for Good, a Canadian organization that gives back by volunteering their data science skills to non-profits, not for profits and NGOs.

We’re joined by phone from Toronto by Joy Robson, co-founder of Data for Good. Joy fills us in on what the organization is all about and how it all got started. After that, Geoff Zakaib, from the Calgary chapter  joins us by phone to talk about an event they held in November and to give us his thoughts on the movement of volunteering data science for good. Rounding out the episode, founder of the newest chapter in Regina, Kevin Hayes, joins the show to chat about starting the chapter and about upcoming  events in Regina.

Data for Good can be contacted through the Data for Good website.
You can also reach them through Twitter: Calgary Chapter @DataForGoodYYC
Regina Chapter @dataforgoodyqr 
National Chapter @Data_for_Good

You can also contact Kevin Hayes for more information about Data for Good and their Regina chapter through his email: khayes@thephoenixgroup.ca

For information about Second Harvest Toronto, check out their website.
For information about the Sentinel Project, visit their website.