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Episode 1: The Role of the Storyteller

In our inaugural episode of the podcast, we speak with Ellen Eastwood, an independent research and insights consultant, instructor with the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) and research storyteller.

During the podcast, we chat about the shift that has occurred over the past few years in the way that market research agencies have chosen to report their data to clients and to the public. Rather than the data-dumping style of reporting common in the last few decades, more and more market researchers and their agencies have chosen to adopt a more client-friendly approach to their reports.

They have done this through developing reports that are more narrative in nature, telling the story of the data in ways that are actionable and understandable upon first reading rather than providing reports that leave clients with little more than charts and figures with little perspective on their importance.

If you’d like to learn more about the MRIA, check out their website.