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5 Saskatchewan Social Media Statistics to Understand the 2023 Online Consumer

The Saskatchewan Social Media Usage and Local Business Report continues to provide trended data and actionable insights that help brands interested in the Saskatchewan marketplace make better-informed decisions with their paid, earned, and owned media strategy.

To give some insight into what you can expect in the report, we compiled a list of five critical statistics to help you better understand the Saskatchewan consumer in 2023. If you like these, don’t forget to get the full report today.

The 2022 Saskatchewan Social Media and Local Business Report 

To understand online consumer behaviours in Saskatchewan, Insightrix Research® conducted its annual Saskatchewan Social Media Usage Study. The study was conducted with Saskatchewan residents to understand their online behaviours, focusing on their social media habits, preferred communication channels, and shopping trends. More than 1,200 Saskatchewan residents participated in the study (August 2022) using SaskWatch Research®, our proprietary online market research panel.

Comprehensive results from this syndicated report are available in the 2022 Saskatchewan Social Media & Local Business Report.


Facebook is no longer the most popular social media channel in Saskatchewan but is still the most frequently used on a daily basis.

Facebook has primarily saturated itself with users pre-pandemic and has since become a social media monopoly. With the purchase of Instagram and WhatsApp in recent years, Facebook remains competitive even with new social media platforms emerging.

According to the 2022 Saskatchewan Social Media Usage report, Facebook has been dethroned as the most popular social media platform but still ranks the highest in daily use among Saskatchewan Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers.

While Facebook continues to plateau, its sheer dominance on the social media landscape is hard to ignore.

Why is this important for Saskatchewan marketers to know?

Though audience saturation is happening in Saskatchewan among those who use Facebook, it’s essential to understand that Meta is still an effective platform for marketers trying to reach target audiences online.

While the frequency of using Facebook is shifting toward the older generations, the platform is still the most consumed daily, meaning your digital advertising budget should continue leveraging Facebook.

Since 2020, more trended daily users have been logging on to TikTok (in Saskatchewan) than ever before.

It’s no question that TikTok has become a worldwide phenomenon in the last few years, and in Saskatchewan, it’s no different. Between the rich lifehacks and endless viral TikTok dances, the uber-visual platform has risen in popularity, quickly becoming one of the most frequently utilized in Saskatchewan.

Our survey data shows that 1 in 5 social media users in Saskatchewan uses TikTok daily (21%) 😱.

That is a continuous rise from 2020, when roughly 1 in 10 Saskatchewan social media users said they used the app daily (8%).*

Why is this important for Saskatchewan marketers to know?

The influence of TikTok is nothing to ignore! The utter virality of the platform, combined with the ability to collaborate with different people, breathes life into an application that prides itself on incredible brand engagement, especially in the B2C environment.

TikTok is significantly changing how younger online consumers search for brands. As Gen Z continues to experience the internet through social or entertainment apps, the era of the consumer-driven search will shift from traditional search engines to in-app experiences, and Gen Z is leading the way.

So, if your brand is B2C and is interested in engaging with a younger audience, it’s time to consider learning a dance number or two 😉.

Subscription services are becoming more popular in Saskatchewan, with 16% of the population saying it pays for a subscription to avoid advertisements.

Everything from premium music to workout packages to add-on features of your favourite games – subscriptions boomed during the pandemic by offering shoppers ways to keep their cupboards stocked and their beer fridges full.

In Saskatchewan, subscription services continue to climb, mainly when the value exchange includes no direct advertising to the consumer. Our survey data suggest that 16% of Saskatchewan residents pay for a monthly subscription to avoid advertisements. Even more interesting, 31% of Millennials are most likely to pay subscriptions to avoid advertisements.

Why is this important for Saskatchewan marketers to know?

Since video advertising has become an essential marketing tool, the ability to skip video advertising has become significantly more popular among consumers.

And while Saskatchewan residents value their ability to control advertisements, it is essential to continue to provide equal (or even more) value to the consumer to keep them subscribed.

Take into consideration what has happened recently with Netflix – they are in an ongoing dispute with their subscribers over the value of their services vs the service they provide. Netflix is now introducing a standard service, which includes advertisements, to keep the subscription affordable. This is a bold adjustment as Netflix built their entire empire from the ad-free experience. Quite the full circle, isn’t it?2

The customer experience and value of your offering will become more important as users become more fatigued with choice.

Intentions to shop online more have drastically dropped in Saskatchewan residents since 2020.

Online shopping intentions have seemingly plateaued as post-pandemic shopping trends emerge. According to our survey data, a growing proportion of Saskatchewan shoppers plan to ‘do less online shopping this year (from 5% to 17% since 2020). Further, Saskatchewan consumers say their intention to shop ‘more online this year has dropped since 2020.

In 2020, consumers seemed much more optimistic about their newfound shopping habits. Now, the intention to shop ‘more’ slumped from 50% in 2020 to 15% in 2022, emphasizing that while Saskatchewan residents do not plan to spend more than they did in 2020, they do plan to spend the same.

Why is this important for Saskatchewan marketers to know?

A renewed focus on online shopping will continue to be in high demand in the province. Still, it is unclear how pre-pandemic levels affect the rebound as brands adjust to online and in-person consumer needs.

Retail sales are starting to rebound globally, and consumers are now divided by how eager they are to shop in person. In addition, Gen Z will likely increase their purchasing habits as they become mainstream consumers in the upcoming years.

While most Saskatchewan consumers prefer in-person communications with local businesses, 1 in 4 say social media is their preferred information source.

Customer service today is no longer driven by a single traditional touchpoint.

Quickly, social media has become important for organizations to be present and responsive to their customers. That is no different in Saskatchewan, as 1 in 4 residents surveyed say they prefer to communicate with local businesses using social media.

Why is this important for Saskatchewan marketers to know?

As customer expectations continue to shift with the presence of social media, businesses must leverage social media platforms for the purpose of consumer engagement, as consumer expectations will continue to increase.

The need for fast response times, unpredictable expectations, and the shift towards a full-service consumer service channel will significantly impact brand perception moving forward.

You Can’t Dance Your Way Around This Report

From the growth of new platforms to the ongoing rise of short-form video, a lot is happening in the ever-evolving world of social media in Saskatchewan. The report focuses on the following:

  • Notable demographic differences in social media choices
  • The rise and decline of dominant social media platforms
  • Frequently used social media channels
  • What social media users expect when following brands online
  • Influencer marketing and its appeal to teens and beyond
  • Subscription service consumer trends for ad-free viewing and why it matters
  • Online shopping trends since 2020

Please do not hesitate to reply if you are interested – we can happily send you the report and invoice your business directly.

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