Media Usage in Western Canada 2020 Report

Since 2016, Insightrix has been tracking media behaviours and perceptions of Saskatchewan residents through our syndicated series – the Saskatchewan Media Usage study. In its third installment, Insightrix has expanded the study to include all of Western Canada, including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Our syndicated research team has tracked several media content genres by existing and emerging devices as more consumers have shifted their media behaviours in areas like entertainment, banking, finances and other activities to the digital space.

The Media Usage in Western Canada 2020 report gives a clear, multi-faceted picture for businesses with an interest in basing their strategies, investments and products on all provinces in Western Canada, including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. 

Each chapter of the report is visualized to cut out the bulky statistics – we provide you the insights in a story you can understand.


Do you want detailed information on Saskatchewan? 

Insightrix, as a Saskatchewan-based agency, has been compiling tracking information on media usage for a number of years for Saskatchewan specifically. This information is included if you want it. 

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What topics are included in this report?

This report answers many key questions on media habits. Below is a description of all chapters that comprise the full report.


Devices, Viewing Experiences and Subscriptions in Western Canada

This report chapter answers questions like: 

  • How many devices – from smartphones to fitness trackers – do consumers have and which do they value most?
  • What kind of devices do western Canadian consumers plan to purchase in the next year?
  • What types of services are they purchasing or subscribing to? Pay TV? Landline telephone?
  • What types of subscriptions are consumers paying a monthly fee for? Find out which popular subscription services are on the rise.
  • How often are consumers consuming content – a few times a week or less often? And when? Content covered includes print newspapers, radio and more.
  • Are western Canadian consumers spending more time binge-watching Netflix or Disney+? And how frequently are they watching this way?
  • Why are consumers still paying for paid television subscriptions?
  • Will they be cord-cutting any time soon? Are they reducing channels or paid television packages because of internet subscriptions?
  • Is television a passive activity anymore? Find out how western Canadian consumers are spending their time while watching TV.
  • What devices are consumers using while working from home during the pandemic?


App Consumption and Online Shopping Habits in Western Canada

This report chapter answers questions like: 

  • How often are western Canadian consumers using mobile apps on their smartphones, smart televisions and more?
  • What types of apps do consumers use most? Do they use utilities, banking or remote working apps more?
  • How sophisticated do western Canadian consumers say they are?
  • Where are they shopping? What goods or services are they purchasing?
  • Which food delivery services are most popular and how often are they being used?
  • Are consumers shopping more online this year compared to last year before the pandemic?
  • How much are consumers shopping in person versus online?
  • What factors influence online shopping behaviours?


Views on Advertising and Social Media Behaviours in Western Canada

This report chapter answers questions like: 

  • To what extent do consumers trust advertising?
  • What kind of traditional forms of advertisement are trusted?
  • Do new media ad formats have more influence than traditional ad formats? (In other words, television or radio ads vs. display ads or sponsored ads on networks.)
  • How much influence do paid, earned or owned media have on western Canadian consumers’ buying decisions? This includes both traditional and new media ad formats.
  • To what extent do ad formats influence the buying decisions of consumers? This includes paid media like branded websites, ads in search engine results, online video ads, sponsored ads and more.
  • Which social media networking websites do western Canadians belong to? How frequently do western Canadian consumers use social media?
  • Why do western Canadians use social media? Do they use it to research products or services? To get information on news or current events?
  • What types of local businesses are western Canadian consumers following on social media networking sites?


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This report includes COVID-19-specific questions to understand how the pandemic could affect media habits in the future. Included in this study are insights from a recent (2020) Insightrix ethnography study, Adjusting to the New Normal: A Two-Week COVID-19 Diary of Saskatchewan Residents

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