Stories of Market Research: the Insightrix Podcast – a NEW LOOK!

The Stories of Market Research: the Insightrix Podcast (SoMR) is BACK for Season 3! And to celebrate, we are excited to reveal our brand-new podcast player!

Same Great Content – Now With an Updated Look and Feel

Our new podcast portal highlights each episode in a digestible layout, where season one and season two are fully accessible in one great location! 

The update to SoMR is our commitment to providing the most quality podcast to our audience. As such, Insightrix has committed to making significant investments into our physical office space to provide innovative multimedia projects like the Stories of Market Research. Please find out more about these investments in Season 3 of our podcast.

Season 3 Features Video Podcasting

Season 3 of SoMR is PACKED with interviews from exciting guests within the mrx industry. Same great content, but with an exciting video podcast component! Our first video podcast series will focus on the rise and change of mobility, collaboration and innovation in the post-pandemic workforce, the future of commercial office design, and the critical role market research is playing to support businesses in making these decisions. Please keep your eyes peeled for this series to drop its first episode this month!  

As you wait for the first episode in Season 3, why not jump into the portal and catch up on any earlier episodes you may have missed – now available in one easy-to-access portal.

We look forward to sharing more about the innovation in-house in our upcoming season of Stories of Market Research: the Insightrix Podcast.

As always, be sure to subscribe to our podcast on any significant podcast player and leave a review if you like our content!

Visit the podcast portal below.