How Did Saskatchewan Celebrate Thanksgiving?


Did you celebrate Thanksgiving this year?

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As it turns out, most Saskatchewan residents did enjoy Thanksgiving this year.

In a recent Insightrix OnTopic poll, we found out 87% of Saskatchewan residents celebrated Thanksgiving.

Kids enjoyed their share of the festivities. In fact, more people with children (92%) celebrated the holiday than people without kids (84%).



How did you celebrate Thanksgiving?

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People sure like to eat with their loved ones around these parts.

When we asked Saskatchewan residents how they spent their Thanksgiving, by far, the most popular answer we received was to share a meal at home with friends or family. In fact, 92% of those  who celebrated the holiday reported this was the way they spent their Thanksgiving.

Other popular responses were watching football (17%) and decorating one’s home (10%).


So you eat together – what do you eat?

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After learning 92% of Saskatchewan residents who celebrated Thanksgiving did it by having a meal with friends and/or family, it begs the question – just what was it that everybody ate?

Of course, the answer came back turkey.

Eighty-five percent (85%) reported eating turkey at Thanksgiving this year. The second most popular dish over the holiday was stuffing (76%).

Where things get a little weird is how residents of the province take their gravy – more people in the province reported eating gravy over the holiday (75%) than mashed potatoes (74%). Now, you could surmise that extra 1% of gravy eaters prefer gravy only on their turkey and stuffing and not on potatoes, but still…

Pumpkin pie is still a popular dish in the province for Thanksgiving dinner, with 68% saying they enjoyed a slice. Incidentally, pumpkin pie maintains its lead over its rival, apple pie, which was only eaten by 24% of those who celebrated Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving appears to be alive and well in Saskatchewan

The story the data told when all the results were tabulated was that Thanksgiving is a bit of a big deal in the province – at least for 87% of the residents of the province. What the other 13% got up to on the 9th of October, we can’t say – but you know they’ve got to be mad they missed out on all those turkey dinners.

The survey was run between October 6 and October 12, 2017 and was made up of a representative sample (800 residents) of Saskatchewan residents. 


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