Holiday Celebrations at Insightrix

As the holidays and the end of 2013 draw near, Insightrix has been busy celebrating the season.

We hosted a family gingerbread house decorating night, and many of our staff proved that they have the skills to be the next Cake Boss. The office was full of families, decorating supplies, and, of course, sugar. Many colourful, candy-covered houses were created and several of the houses are currently adding to the office decor.

We also had several potluck lunches and everyone brought in one of his or her favourite dishes to share. There was a great variety of food and lots of delicious treats for everyone to try.

Our annual staff Christmas party took place last weekend, and the evening included staff trivia, awards, and karaoke. We held a silent auction, which raised over $500 for the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan. There was plenty of food and a table full of delicious desserts baked by Stacy. Everyone, even those of us without singing careers ahead of us, had fun!