How Government Staff (Provincial or Municipal) in Saskatchewan and Manitoba Can Use Omnibus Polling

Gauge citizen engagement – check in with the people who matter most

Imagine you are a manager within a municipal department and/or provincial ministry. Now, imagine you are asked if citizens are aware of and satisfied with your department’s services, or perhaps if they have seen and can recall your department’s ad campaign.  

Yikes!  How are you going to do this? How can you measure your success and get data to help in planning your next steps?

OK – take a minute to breathe. It’s not really happening!

This situation is fictional, of course.

After all, this isn’t 1988. Today, you can easily get this data!

However, budgets are tight and you need research that is not only timely, but that is affordable as well.

Policy planning cannot be built on intuition. To do any good planning upfront or to validate those plans later, you need a pulse check to ensure initiatives or plans are on the right track – and any good plan has proper research behind it.

How does omnibus research work?

Government employees who employ omnibus research work together with research professionals to develop expertly crafted research questions to obtain the information they need.

These research questions can be asked in one or two ways, either as closed or open-ended questions, depending on the kind of intelligence desired.

Examples of closed questions

Closed questions are designed to get a specific response from the population – either a yes or no answer, or perhaps a response to a multiple response question (one that asks for responses that involve picking one or more responses from a pre-determined list of possible responses).

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Example of an open-ended question

Open-ended questions ask the population for a verbatim response, allowing for you to obtain citizen engagement in their own words.

With the choice of either open-ended or closed questions, you have the choice of asking either qualitative or quantitative research questions – meaning there is virtually no end to the types of issues you can examine.


What kinds of market research are available to government managers?

With omnibus research, you can obtain intelligence of almost any kind, and benefit from consultation with experienced researchers to ensure the survey is accurate and regionally representative.

  • Measure citizen engagement and citizen participation in new or existing initiatives.
  • Understand how initiatives have performed with the people who matter most – residents in your province or city itself.
  • Provide needed information to inform stakeholders of the importance of a cause or issue.
  • Answer objections that may be raised about a proposed policy change before rolling it out.
  • Demonstrate popular support for a specific policy or program.


There are very few research topics market research cannot answer for governments. In the past, Insightrix has provided research insight on many policy and planning decisions.

  • Awareness and usage of government services
  • Recall rates of government advertising campaigns
  • Satisfaction with specific government services
  • Citizen opinion research relating to hot-button issues like the legalization of cannabis, anti-bullying policies, etc.


Government can do fast, lean research

In times of shrinking budgets, the research budget is often one of those hardest hit. Maximize research budgets by employing omnibus research.

Omnibus research allows you to do fast, lean, regionally representative research at a fraction of the cost of custom studies.

How fast?

Omnibus research allows for you to submit research questions and receive actionable data and insight back in just a few days. With the Insightrix omnibus service, you can begin a research project, put it into field and receive valuable insights back in only 7 days from beginning to end.

How affordable?

Omnibus research projects field multiple research projects together, all at once, at the same time every month. Combining questions from multiple research projects in a single survey increases government purchasing power by spreading costs across a larger sample.

Choose the sample

The Insightrix omnibus service, OnTopic™, allows you to choose the geographic location of interest. If you’d like to know about what people in Regina or Saskatoon feel about a specific topic to validate initiatives against the opinions and beliefs of those regions or against those of rural or northern demographics, OnTopic can accommodate.

OnTopic allows for sample to be taken from either Saskatoon, Regina, southern Saskatchewan, northern Saskatchewan, or just one of these places – or all at once for the whole province. We set age, gender and region quotas to ensure the sample is representative of the area of interest.

If you are a government decision maker in Manitoba, we’ve got you covered too. Insightrix OnTopic gets you regionally representative sample that is either specific to Winnipeg or province wide.

How you use omnibus research is up to you.

Are you interested in using omnibus research?

The Insightrix omnibus service, OnTopic, is just an email or phone call away.

Our experienced researchers and analysts are here to consult with you on the formulation of research questions, to put them into field and to assist in making the most out of the results.

We run OnTopic once every month in Saskatchewan on the first Friday of every month, and we provide detailed tables that contain useful, actionable insights only a week later on the following Friday.

We also do follow the same process in Manitoba, on the following week.

Get the intelligence you need for a fraction of the cost of custom research projects.