Introducing Oscar

I was asked to write the first post, and of course had no idea where to begin. Should I talk about trends in market research? New initiatives in our company? New research techniques we are presently using or investigating? In the end, I decided to talk about what makes our company special. Oh sure, you can read our corporate information throughout our website and get a sense of why we are unique, but in this post I will give you the real goods: behind the scenes at Insightrix Research.

What makes our company special is easy: it’s the people. Sure we have staff who have come to work dressed like Lady Gaga, bring trays of fruit pizza, religiously feed the company fish, bring fruit for our interviewers, and perhaps share a samosa or two, but it is much more than this. It is about respect for each other and commitment to the company and our clients. I am sure all companies say this, but I know we have this in both our Canadian and Australian office.

On a recent trip to our Australian office, I was impressed with the staff, their sense of ownership, and the level of care they have for clients and our company. They take great pride in carrying out their work and feel responsible and accountable for the outcomes. They make sure client expectations are exceeded and they share an ownership in the company that is truly remarkable. The same can be said for our Canadian office. Our staff members routinely go above and beyond to ensure client expectations are met and assist fellow staff members in carrying out their work. This is what makes our company special.

Over the course of the next few months, we will be highlighting some of these great employees so you can get to know them better.

In addition to giving you some background about the people here at Insightrix, I would also like to introduce you to our newest member of the team: Oscar. Oscar travels with our staff to different locations including personal and business trips. At Insightrix, we are international not only in our company locations but also in terms of our staff. Oscar likes to hide in suitcases and catch a ride to various locations.

I encourage you to read about life at Insightrix to learn more about what we are doing as well as follow Oscar’s travels around the world!