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Introducing Insightrix Holiday Spending 2019

Insightrix Holiday Spending 2019 has arrived!

What is the Saskatchewan holiday shopping scene looking like for 2019?

Did you know that this year, 93% of Saskatchewan residents plan to buy holiday gifts? And what’s more, 78% of those holiday shoppers expect to make at least some of their purchases online.

The holiday shopping experience in Saskatchewan is as unique as the people who live here.

So, we’ve developed a web report to let you know just how Saskatchewan shoppers plan to make their holiday purchases this year, how much they expect to spend and where they will be shopping.

Whether you need to know because you’re a decision maker in the retail industry, whether you want to know because you like to keep an eye on what’s happening in the Saskatchewan retail marketplace – or even if you’re just someone who is curious, Insightrix Holiday Spending 2019 has all the Saskatchewan-specific Christmas shopping statistics you’ll want.

What’s in Insightrix Holiday Spending 2019?

Insightrix Holiday Spending 2019 has all of the up-to-date facts about the holiday retail experience in Saskatchewan. What’s more, it is deep on context, containing Saskatchewan holiday shopping intelligence that has been trending from 2015.

Find out how just how many Saskatchewan residents expect to buy gifts during the 2019 holiday shopping season and how certain demographics will be spending. Learn about which proportions of residents expect to do their holiday shopping online in 2019 and who expects to do their shopping locally in brick-and-mortar stores.

More than just that, you can discover how much residents expect to spend this year, what means of payment they will be using and how that compares to their holiday spending in previous years. Get an understanding of how discounts affect expected holiday shopping behaviour… and much more!

You can access Insightrix Holiday Spending 2019 right here on the Insightrix website.