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Insightrix – Pawsitively Making Changes

Insightrix works with non-profits like the Saskatoon SPCA

Insightrix works with non-profits in much the same way it does with for-profit businesses.

That’s because non-profits have the same need for market research that any other business or organization has. These needs include brand studies, donor experience surveys, awareness surveys or any number of other forms of research.    

Throughout late 2018, Insightrix worked with the Saskatoon SPCA on several projects to help them better serve their community.

We are truly happy to work with great non-profit and not-for-profit organizations like the Saskatoon SPCA, and as an organization who loves animals, it was hard for us to think of a better organization to highlight over the holiday season.

We couldn’t resist sharing our reason for the importance of our research in animal services – our very own Chief Morale officer, Presley, and how much he has contributed to the positive culture at Insightrix.

You can watch Insightrix President, Corrin Harper, and the Saskatoon SPCA Executive Director, Patricia Cameron, (and of course Presley) discuss how both organizations worked together, and why it is so important for brands to make better decisions with market research.

Video transcript

Patricia Cameron: Insightrix is quite a dream, really, to work with. People are friendly – they’re informed. They give you guidance on how to set up this research project. So, I would say it was effortless – and yet, the return was really rich.

Obviously, being connected with your community and knowing what people expect, want, like, don’t like – that’s super important for a charity. It’s really the lifeblood of what we do. So, we’ve been able to take the research and immediately apply it to our business plan and our longer-term strategy.

Well, we really appreciate that Insightrix is animal friendly, has an office dog and also did a provincial, pro bono survey on a very high-level animal neglect and abuse case. That work was really, really important in highlighting how important animal welfare is in the province, and we really thank Insightrix for that.

Corrin Harper: Looking at doing some work in the non-profit sector, the SPCA was a connection both in terms of the importance of what we care about here, being animals, and also our everyday work that we do in research. That was a really nice connection and something I think we thought we could really get behind.

Presley’s role, I mean, his official title is Chief Morale Officer and Head of Security. But in reality, he is just a mainstay here at Insightrix. He is something that cheers everybody up everyday. He just comes in and visits staff. He’s just, basically, here to make everybody feel comfortable and have a little bit of fun at work, as well.

I was coming back into the city from a weekend at the lake, and saw this little, dark spot on the highway. I realized it was a little dog, so I pulled over to the side of the road, picked him up and put him into the car and drove him into the city. And as I was driving into the city, I was started to get a little bit of attached to him. So, I brought him into the office and staff just loved him, and he just sort of took to the place. And I think he kind of hit the doggie lottery because he gets to come to work every day, he gets treats during the day – I think he ended up with a pretty good life.

Being president of a market research firm really gives a great opportunity to sort of help people out and I think that’s one of the passions that, I guess, myself and I’m sure a lot of the staff here have is being able to get up every day, come to work and help people make better decisions as a result of the information you’re providing. Whether that is for-profit business or a charity, it’s something that we can be passionate about, as well.

Video by The Golden Media Company

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