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The Insightrix 10 – Status Update


The final three members of the Insightrix 10 have found forever homes! As of February 1, the final member of the group, Darlene, was adopted – meaning that all of the kitties Insightrix sponsored over the holidays have found homes. We at Insightrix would like to thank not only those who took these cats home, but also all of those who liked, shared and retweeted our messages to help get them adopted. 

Operation Cat Adoption has been a success – but three feline friends still need a forever home.

Over the holidays, because our animal friends are often forgotten around this time of year, Insightrix sponsored 10 cats from the Saskatoon SPCA – paying their adoption fees for whomever could give them a home for the holidays.

We’d like to give a short update on how those cats are doing.

We’re very happy to say that seven of the cats we’ve come to affectionately call “The Insightrix 10” have already been saved from the big house, and are now happy in their new adopted homes.

Thank you to all of the people who gave these cats a home.

One of the cats, Darlene, has fallen under the weather over the holidays and is recuperating at the Saskatoon SPCA Animal Care Centre. She should make a complete recovery, though, and will be available to adopt soon. Stay tuned to Saskatoon SPCA and Insightrix social media for updates on her condition.

The two remaining members of The Insightrix Ten are still at large and are still looking for a forever home. Both Chestnut and Rachel are currently waiting at the Stonegate Petland in Saskatoon, SK for a new friend to help them by bringing them home.

Through Insightrix sponsorship, the adoption fees for these cats have been prepaid and they are ready to take home.

If you could welcome one or both of these fine feline fellows into your home, or know someone who could provide a safe and stable forever home, please head to the Stonegate Petland in Saskatoon and take them home.

You know they would appreciate it, and you’ll gain a friend for life.

Insightrix would like to again thank the Saskatoon SPCA for making this possible, and for their continued work here in Saskatoon, as well as all SPCA locations, for the great work they are doing.

If you’d like to contact the Stonegate Petland for more information or to arrange adoption, please call them at