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Happy National Puppy Day

To all my friends,


Like all of my other puppy associates, I am absolutely (but patiently) waiting on spring to SPRUNG!

Why are we STILL getting all this snow? This white stuff is NOT FUN to trot around in, I mean, it feels like it NEVER leaves. What happened to the warm wind and the prairie sunshine? Where are all the good smells at?

Wait… Wait.. sorry. Off track.

I asked one of my besties at Insightrix to help me write up a big ole puppy thank you to the Insightrix team for another amazing year.

My days are filled with faces happy to see me (oh, and only me). My favourite activities these days are bringing my latest toy to my favourite employees, I know who eats cheese strings every morning, and I get SUPER excited when Ros, my office manager, orders pizza. I still don’t like the smell of that pizza guy though…..

I shake him down every time he comes. *grrr..*

BUT…… Being an office pup is a HIGH honour, and I hope more of my fellow furry friends get the same opportunity I do. Being at the office, I can tell how many people light up when they see me. It’s a big responsibility, but I am happy to be the Chief Morale Officer.

I believe I am very lucky to jump in the car with Corrin every morning and head to my favourite place in the world, surrounded by people who love me.

How lucky it is to be me, Presley!

Happy National Puppy Day!

Signing off,

Sign presley