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What Black Friday and Cyber Monday Have Morphed Into

How Black Friday & Cyber Monday Have Changed 

In a recent article on Digiday.com entitled 5 Charts Showing Why Cyber Monday is Doomed the author, Shareen Pathak, looks at the changing trends both with the relatively new consumer holiday Cyber Monday and it’s distinction from Black Friday. For many shoppers, the online sales are a new edition of Black Friday. Black Friday has been around since the 50’s and the term was first coined in Philadelphia by the police. In the 50’s massive amounts of people would descend into town on the day after Thanksgiving. Stores would take advantage of this throng of people and would promote big sales specifically for this day. The phrase “Black Friday” represented the calendar day for the police who were stuck working a long and busy shift creating a dread for the date.

Cyber Monday named after its close relative Black Friday is slowly fading according to Pathak. It was first created by the National Retail Federation back in 2005. The idea behind its creation was that it would mark the start of the holiday shopping season.


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