Adobe Poises for the Future

Adobe Begins the Switch to the Cloud

In a recent article by Patrick Seitz, entitled Adobe Systems CEO Touts ‘Textbook Transition’ To Cloud recently published on Investor’s Business Daily, the author got a chance to sit down with the CEO of Adobe Systems (ADBE) and discuss their overwhelming five year success, as well as the plans for the future. Recently Adobe has made the shift from selling desktop software such as Photoshop, Premiere and Illustrator to a cloud-based business model and expanded to a provider of marketing, and digital media software and services. 

Seitz writes that Adobe is a crucial link for consumer-facing businesses who are seeking to transform their business digitally. This transformation happens through creating content and sharing this content over multiple social media platforms as well as understanding and tracking which content is making an impact with viewers. “Adobe brings together content-creation tools with data insights — allowing companies to determine such things as which online marketing and advertising campaigns work best and how people are engaging with their content.” The link between online marketing and insight is a crucial component for their customers.


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