Social Media is here to stay. With 9 out of 10 Saskatchewan residents using social media, be on top of the competition and in front of your customers!

Ever wonder how Saskatchewan residents use social media? With a rapidly growing population who use the Internet to connect, it is important to get a sense of social media platforms used by your target audience.


Since 2015, we have been trending Saskatchewan user behaviour data to better understand how Saskatchewan residents use the Internet and learning to better understand their social media habits. The main objective is to measure usage, ways we connect and preferences in platforms. The ongoing study tracks personal internet usage, levels of engagement regarding social media, second screen engagement, use of reviews and online blogs, and exactly why residents follow brands online. 


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Social Media Strategy

Whether your business is looking to generate traffic, revenue or increase online engagement – Insightrix will custom develop a digital strategy that will strengthen the relationship between you, your potential customer and returning clientele.


How we framework our strategies is completely up to you. We can execute the entire strategy, part of the strategy or none at all. Whether you are social media savvy or just learning to wield a business Instagram handle – our robust user guides are detailed resources that can help you implement successful strategies on all digital platforms.

Generate Leads & Be Local Experts

Market Your Business Online

Promote Your Products & Services

Create Brand Awareness

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To collaborate on issues impacting urban youth in Saskatoon, Insightrix Digital ® worked with the City of Saskatoon to create a social media strategy.


The strategy was aimed at engaging youth through an interactive youth forum to spark a comprehensive plan for the youth and by the youth.


Social Media Marketing

People think that simply being visible online is enough. Some even believe an online presence isn’t all that important.  If your competition has visible online brand awareness and you do not, chances are they are being looked at closer than you.

Social media marketing is far more than an online popularity contest and is one of the most cost-effective ways to create visibility.

Social Media Integration

Inbound Marketing

Social Media Sentiment

Certified Marketing Professionals

Targeted Advertisement

Event Marketing & Social Media Streaming

Branded Campaigns

Branded social media campaigns really work! By aligning a social media strategy with the appropriate content delivery, and by identifying opportunities and properly executing a plan, your business can achieve ultimate brand awareness that is consistent across all mediums.

Our high-impact creative has been utilized for many branded campaigns, including event promotion, brand awareness and targeted advertising – all of our solutions are designed to deliver the return in investment you deserve!

Consider our campaigns part a la carte – apart from the setup costs – we will price your campaign by the amount of content created. We offer a product fit for your brand at a cost you can afford.