2013 ’Rider Tracker: New Game-Specific ’Rider Questions

Insightrix Research Inc.’s ’Rider Tracker, an ongoing online poll of fans regarding the Roughriders’ overall play and their Grey Cup potential, has been updated. Fans will now be asked new questions each week based on the most recent game. The questions for the latest Tracker include the Roughrider player of the week, play of the game, Kory Sheets’ rushing record potential, what went wrong in the ’Riders first loss of the season, and questions regarding Darian Durant’s return to action following his injury. Below on the left is a graph showing fans’ choices for the Roughrider player of the week following last Friday’s loss against the Calgary Stampeders. The graph on the right highlights overall fan opinion on whether or not Durant’s return to action against Calgary was premature.

The ’Rider Tracker has been running since the first pre-season game of 2011 and offers an inside look at how fans are feeling about the Green and White. Run through SaskWatch Research™, the online panel developed and maintained by Insightrix and populated with over 14,800 Saskatchewan residents, the ’Rider Tracker is put into play following each Roughrider game. The survey is sent to 200 SaskWatch Research™ members and the results are posted on www.letsgoriders.com before the next game. In addition to new weekly questions, the main ratings on the Tracker include the Team Performance Index and the Grey Cup Confidence Index, which measure the overall performance of the team and fans’ confidence that the ’Riders will win the Grey Cup. The specific areas tested for their impact on the team include the running game, coaching, special teams, the offensive line, the defensive line, and the quarterback. The ’Rider Tracker also lets fans take a shot at predicting the final score for
the upcoming game.

Follow the ’Rider Tracker at www.letsgoriders.com, on Facebook (www.facebook.com/saskwatch.research), and on Twitter at @SaskWatchQ. Look for the next results following the August 17th home game versus the Montreal: the results will be posted on Wednesday, August 21st, 2013!