10 Reasons to Attend the MRIA Conference in Saskatoon

The Marketing Research Intelligence Agency (MRIA) is holding its annual conference in Saskatoon from June 8 to 10, 2014. If you haven’t registered already (or have registered and are looking for even more reasons to look forward to the conference), here are ten great reasons to attend.

#1. Great Speakers
There are many fantastic speakers lined up for the conference: Dr. Darrell Bricker, CEO, Ipsos Global Public Affairs; Jeffrey Hayzlett, former Kodak CMO, a global business celebrity and primetime television show host; Jim Hopson, CEO and President, Saskatchewan Roughriders, 2013 Grey Cup champions; and research, strategy, and insights managers from RBC, Yahoo, Hershey’s, to name a few. For more information about the speakers, go to http://conference2014.mria-arim.ca/speakers/index.php.

speakers mria conference 2014

#2. Fun and Entertainment
If you are interested in having fun while learning more about the industry, then this is the conference for you. There are many great events planned, including a 1920s theme party, live music, awards, a riverboat tour, and a networking gala, offering the perfect setting to have fun while enjoying the conference.

1922 party

#3. Create Your Own Program Schedule
For the first time, the MRIA conference will have TED-style sessions, giving you a great choice of speakers. The sessions will cover a range of topics from marketing to hands-on case studies to consumer insights to innovative methodologies, and you will be able to customize your schedule. The MRIA conference app (coming soon..) will help you create your custom schedule by selecting the sessions you want to attend and saving them in your calendar.

#4. Great Value
The conference will provide insights, and updates on trends, knowledge, and experiences, providing great value. The keynote speakers, featured speakers, and panelists will offer a chance to listen to and learn from their experiences in marketing, strategy, insights, research, and innovative trends.

#5. Discover Saskatoon
Ranked one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, Saskatoon has an unparalleled entrepreneurial spirit, trendy shopping areas, art galleries, and much more to offer. Saskatoon is the biggest city in Saskatchewan and holds numerous events throughout the summer, including the Jazz Festival, Folk Fest, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, and the Fringe Festival. Some of the must-see attractions include Broadway Avenue (which has great shops, yoga studio, cafes, and restaurants), the Farmers’ Market, the Western Development Museum, the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Diefenbaker Canada Centre, the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo and Wanuskewin Heritage Park. You can also explore the Meewasin Valley Trail, consisting of 21 km of riverbank trails that wind through the heart of the city.

#6. Be an Early Innovator
Attending the MRIA conference will give you insights into the latest market research techniques being used in the industry. The speakers and panelists will present world-class studies using various methodologies. Choose the topics that interest you, mark the sessions in your calendar, and learn about innovative concepts in market research.

#7. Foster Relationships and Network
Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have helped all of us to connect with others and build professional networks. From June 8 to June 10, you will be able to meet many of the people who you have connected with virtually, giving you the chance to put faces to names. Nothing nurtures relationships faster than a conversation, handshake, and a glass of wine.

#8. Build the Research Marketplace
The MRIA Conference 2014 will serve as the biggest gathering of both the market research suppliers and buyers. The MRIA conference provides the chance for suppliers to showcase their products and services. Buyers, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to meet the largest gathering of suppliers in one place. Click here to learn more about current sponsorship and exhibition opportunities.

#9. Take Action
The sessions are a chance to not only listen to thought leaders but also directly engage and interact with them on issues that matter the most to your business. Determine which sessions you want to attend, review the session agenda, and get ready to engage with the best and brightest in the industry.

#10. Because Presley Thinks You’ll Have a Great Time!
Presley, our Chief Morale Office, won’t be able to attend the conference (he’ll be judging an international dog grooming contest), but he thinks that you’ll have a wonderful time at the conference and in Saskatoon.