Squeezing the Competition with SaskWatch

When it comes to knowing her clients, Sally gets it.

Sally understands that in today’s business world, you have to know who your clients are if you want to be successful.

Sally knows no matter the quality or appeal of your product or service (even if it is the highest quality accordion wax!) a thorough knowledge of your client base, their habits and their needs is crucial.

That’s where SaskWatch Research® comes in.

SaskWatch is a Saskatchewan-based online research panel made up of more than 15,000 people who call Saskatchewan home.

For nearly 10 years,  some of our country’s most dominant brands and influential organizations (like SaskTel, SaskPower, SGI, Affinity Credit Union, many of Saskatchewan’s government ministries and many, many others) have employed SaskWatch for their research needs.

SaskWatch is more than just a space for businesses or service providers to learn about their client bases – it is about the people who provide the service.

SaskWatch is not just the research community powered by Insightrix – it is an online community that genuinely makes a difference in Saskatchewan. It is a chance for the opinions, ideas, thoughts and behaviours of people like you help better inform business decisions.

Since 2008, research Saskwatch has facilitated through Insightrix has made a real difference – and that is thanks to its members.

Recently, SaskWatch members have used their online power to influence political, social and consumer decision makers through making their own thoughts and opinions heard.

They have influenced city life in Saskatoon, resulting in a decrease in the cost of civic leisure passes.

SaskWatch members have even had a hand in helping the Saskatchewan Roughriders get an understanding of how the people of Saskatchewan view them, who their die-hard fans are and even got to have a say in the construction of Mosaic Stadium in Regina!

So, get online and start a survey today and have a chance to have your say about what matters to you.