Quick Thoughts on Survey Design: Rules of Engagement

Having trouble increasing response rates? Keep reading for some quick tips on how to increase survey engagement.

We live in a world cluttered with information, where endless distractions are right at the tips of our fingers. Completing a survey is no match for Candy Crush or checking up on your cute neighbour through Facebook. Let’s face it: as we move up (or down) the evolution chain, our attention span gets shorter. Heck, I even forgot what my point was: anyway, I’ll be lucky if you made it this far in the post.

Given the above, the last thing you need is a boring survey. While you cannot control the topic of your survey or sometimes even its length, you can definitely enhance its format. The following are some tips you should always have in mind when designing a survey:

Rules of Engagement survey design infographic market research insightrix

Engagement is not just about achieving a high response rate. It’s also about ensuring that everyone gets an equal chance to respond so that you are not only hearing from those with vested interests or those who are just interested in panel points. It’s all about quickly getting well thought-out answers.

I’m surprised to see that you made it all the way to the last sentence (or maybe you skimmed to the end). Either way, carry on: Candy Crush awaits.

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