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Pepsi Advertisement Illustrates the Need for Market Research

Market research is imperative in advertising messaging.

In a recent article on marketingweek.com the author Thomas Hobbs looks at Pepsi’s recent blunder with a Kendall Jenner advertisement and discusses market research in ad messaging. The author writes, that it all began last year at the Cannes film festival when PepsiCo’s president Brad Jakeman criticized the outdated state of ad agencies. His criticism was based on the idea that a company like Pepsi needs to be producing content at a rapid speed and the traditional model of using ad agencies takes too long. His bold plan was to create a content creation studio within Pepsi, which he called Creators League Studio.

Jakeman stated, “instead of five pieces of content a year, a brand like Pepsi needs about 5,000 pieces of content a year. Instead of taking six months to develop an ad, we have six hours or six days. And instead of it costing $2M, it needs to cost $20,000.” While Jakeman’s plan was a bold one, he failed to realize one of the key important attributes that go with the outside ad agency which is an outsider’s perspective. While it is true that content takes a long time to create with an ad agency, part of the reason is the amount of testing that goes into a campaign.


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