Office Design with Hybrid in Mind

Hybrid work means re-examining how the office space functions as employees flow between home and the office.

Hybrid work environments can provide new ways for employees to collaborate productively, but companies must intentionally create these opportunities.

At Insightrix, we’ve designed our new office to do just that, creating spaces to drive collaboration and innovation within this new style of working! This includes “resomercial” design approaches, state-of-the-art video conferencing technology, and flexible hot desking.

The minute we received the keys to our new space, we got to work from the ground up. Every small detail of our environment prioritizes a future in hybrid working – from the infrastructure to the furniture to culture and philosophy at Insightrix.

We are excited to share with you the fruits of our labour. Thank you to Golden Media House for producing this mini-documentary on the new Insightrix Research Hybrid Workspace

Special thanks to: (in order as they appear)
Corrin Harper, President at Insightrix
Sharday Torgerson, Creative and Digital Strategist at Insightrix
Levon Fleming, Architectural/Technology Specialist at Business Furnishings
Brandon Gay, Design Associate and Project Director at Metric Design
Golden Media House, Insightrix staff, our neighbours at The Monarch, and those who helped bring our hybrid workspace to life.