Usability testing, Insightrix UX

Enlist insights professionals to conduct your user design (UX) testing

Testing UX with insights professionals prioritizes user experience to help guide and improve your design at all stages of development.

UX research goes beyond the feedback survey – if you want user research to help inform your usability design, you might want to go with an outside agency to help collect data about user behaviour that focuses on pain points, cultural factors and more.

While market research and user research are not one in the same, you will find agencies that employ UX experts – like Insightrix – can offer UX research that looks beyond attitudinal behaviours to discover insights by understanding REAL end user behaviour.

Below are just a few of the ways a market research agency with dedicated UX researchers could be your best bet when it comes to testing your next website, product, packaging or application.

Usability Testing, Insightrix UX

User-Centric Design

Put your user in the decision seat.

Insights agencies employ professional, trained research experts who have access to the latest testing technologies, in-depth market knowledge and most up-to-date research methodologies.

By including a market research team into your development cycle, your next app or website will benefit from the actionable insights they can uncover – resulting in a better, more user-centric product.

While market research often focuses on the “why” – there are research methods we employ to help analyze behaviour that go beyond the questionnaire.

For example, Insightrix recently employed our Young Adult Market Research Online Community to develop a mini UX project with our young community members.

In doing so, Insightrix created a small research project – where our young adults participated in a series of small exercises at each phase of the product development.

At stage one, we asked the community about design pain points and user interactions with the design in question. We received the responses – and we were able to make a decision within three hours from running the exercise.

At stage two, we asked our community to discuss the new UX changes based on their feedback among themselves. Again, we were able to achieve deep qualitative reporting within hours on the changes we made to the UX based on their feedback.

Rather than stop here at a purely attitudinal approach – we decided to probe further to understand their actual behaviour.

At stage three, we narrowed in on specific behaviours – how long did it take for them to log in? What specific information did they find when signing in? How easy was it to get from point A to point B?

Market research listens to what people have to say. And to employ UX research, it is important to also understand what they do when they interact with a website, application or product design.

Oh, you’ve got a snowball sample… that’s adorable…

Why wouldn’t you turn to the experts with the largest, most well-developed and targeted participant groups that are available for your next UX testing project?

Insights agencies like Insightrix have access to massive numbers of engaged research participants. What’s more, these sample groups are usually well-versed in the research process themselves – having in some cases been members of research panels for years.

Take our largest online market research panel – SaskWatch Research®. SaskWatch has an available sample group of more than 18,000 Saskatchewan residents.

Regardless of their location, Insightrix has been collecting valuable normative data for years to help segment our participants to match exactly what your usability testing requires. Having access to a large and engaged research sample gives insights agencies the benefit of being able to develop research participant groups who are specifically targeted to your UX research needs.

No matter who your app or website is aimed at serving, market research agencies can enlist participants who would actually use it to work in the testing process.

This means that when your project comes out of testing, it will have the best user experience available for the groups who would use it in the real world.

For example, a recent usability project we ran included understanding the needs of job seekers in a specific marketplace. To understand job seekers in this specific marketplace, it was important for Insightrix to understand who lives in that marketplace.

From there, we were able to identify core target groups who helped define the personas for what a job seeker may look like.

In effort to find the target groups (i.e., Graduates, Newcomers, Parents with Children in High School, etc.), Insightrix sent out a small screener to sample sets who met the target group requirements. If the member filled out the screener and qualified, we asked them a series of questions in the form of a scenario in which the target group may find themselves.

For example, we may have asked the participant where to locate the directory for local businesses, or how to find the job board from the main page.

By using a series of text analyses and heat maps supported by scenario-like questionnaires, we were able to combine the style of interaction with research participants, using UX techniques, to come to the best insights possible.

Agile UX Research

If you are testing a digital product like an app or a website, you should be doing your usability testing online too. It just makes sense.

For Insightrix, we understand sometimes our participants are not always city-bound, and many live in rural areas where commuting is not always the quickest.

We understand that our participants can’t always be in person for research – even for usability testing. That is why we power usability testing tools that allow for remote UX testing.

But when is that really important?

Think of it this way… if you require your application to be tested with participants who live in a rural area and, say, farm for a living… how on Earth are they going to find the time to participate in the research?

Because we allow for remote testing through software – Insightrix has been able to run usability testing with participants who were STILL in the tractor and out on the fields.

The research should go where the participant needs it to go, and user design testing should be done where the participant would use your product or service.

Rather than let someone tell you your research data needs to fit into a box, let a market research agency use agile research methodologies to get you relevant and actionable insights you can put to use right away.

Let an Insights Agency Take Care of Your Usability Testing

When expert UX researchers are involved, you benefit from larger and better developed participant samples, targeted research with your actual users as participants, faster turnarounds, greater affordability and more actionable research outcomes – not to mention the years and years of  experience an insights agency’s expert research staff can offer.

Usability Testing, Insightrix UX

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