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Why Your Brand Needs More Than Social Media Platforms

In a recent article entitled 3 Risks of Social Media-only for Building a Branded Community found on Stacy Jackson’s blog the author writes about the place of social media platforms and the importance of an online branded community. Social media platforms are changing and maturing, and this has great significance for companies. In the early days, companies were able to reach audiences of thousands for free, but those days are over now. Jackson writes that now savvy marketers are building their own branded communities as a way to create a bigger impact.

Branded communities are not subject to the same rules and dangers of social platforms. Branded communities, allow for the company to have control of user experience and the attention and focus belongs to the host of the community. Promotions, and products discussed on the site are not shared with other competing brands. Social platforms can rise and fall while the branded community’s rise and failure is dependent on the brand. Further, the data in the branded community remains the property of the company, while on a social platform, care and control of the data is held by the platform itself.


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