5 Questions You Can Ask to Build a Habitual CXP

Have you ever asked yourself…

  • How do successful companies build customer experience (CX) or user experience (UX) that keeps their customers coming back?
  • What touch points are hooking these people?


Is it their advertising?

It isn’t advertising – when was the last ad you remember for Facebook or Google?

Is it their Website?

In this case it can’t be their website – when is the last time you heard of a customer rave about a website as the reason they were happy with a brand?

These successful companies don’t need to rely on their marketing – they rely on their users’ and customers’ behaviours to keep them coming back. They don’t rely on their brand to do the heavy lifting as consumers expect to be nurtured at every touchpoint. 


How do you nurture these touch points?

Think about it – when you miss your friends, you check Facebook. When you need to find something in a hurry, you Google it (you know you’re really creating a habit when your company name becomes a verb!). If you’re bored, you go to YouTube or Netflix for entertainment.

These companies aren’t successful because they sell you on what they can do for you; they are successful because they have built customer engagement into their service offering – a engagement platform that is so successful that the customer experience becomes habitual to the users.


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How do successful organizations habituate users? 

One of the ways successful companies become habitual to users is through the development of a “hook” in their customer experience– a way to engage their customers that satisfies the customer’s needs.

They provide a solution to their customers’ or clients’ needs with very little (or none at all) conscious thought required that, through use over time, prompts unsolicited customer engagement.



There are 5 questions you can ask to build a habitual Customer Experience:

  • What do our clients/customers want? How is our product/service providing solutions to our customers’ problems?
  • Why are clients/customers coming to us and not another company?
  • What is the simplest way clients/customers can get the solution to their problem, and how can we make that process/action simpler for them?
  • Are clients/customers finding their solution? Is there a way to leave them wanting more?
  • What “work” do your clients/customers invest in your service/product? Does this work accumulate, leaving the product/service better each time with use?


Use Online Communities

Imagine being able to get the answers to these questions without time consuming focus groups, but through fast, easily accessed and accurate quantitative and qualitative testing.

Insightrix-Communities Behaviour-Forming CX CXP Customer-Experience Customer-Journey

Online communities are large panels of screened, invested individuals – individuals who can give you the answers with the targeted segmentation you need to improve your CX and develop a CXP that will keep bringing your clients and customers back.

A great place to get started with your own online community is by taking a dive into our step-by-step guide in how to build a research community in under three days. These custom online communities’ solutions can provide answers to your burning questions just like those asked above.

And if you’d like to learn more about how you can make your product or service more addictive, read Nir Eyal’s book, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products. It’s a great source for information on building habit-forming CX, and was great source material for this blog.


We recently developed a free whitepaper that deep dives into Customer-centric Experience programs driven by qualitative research techniques, click for more information:


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