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6 Creative Ways to Present Your Market Research Data – The Reboot!

Presentation of Market Research data remains a popular topic


In February of 2015, we published an article called 6 Creative Ways to Present Your Market Research Data that, before we knew it, became one of the most read and shared articles we’ve ever published.

Fast-forward two and a half years, and that article is still doing well – still one of the most read and shared articles on our site. Which got us thinking that while the article still holds lots of value, some of the information in it may have gotten a little out of date in the intervening years.

So, in the spirit of today’s Hollywood, we’ve decided to reboot it and make it more relevant to current audiences.

Therefore, without further ado, we bring you – 6 Creative Ways to Present Your Market Research Data – The Reboot!

Let’s get creative, people!

With the large amounts of data that market researchers deal with, finding ways to present this information in a creative, interesting way can be a challenge. For years, some researchers have put the onus on the client when it comes to understanding, internalizing and actualizing their reports.

Rather than providing concise reporting, in the past, many firms would data dump their clients with unwieldy and hard to follow reporting, thick with data and charts, and thin on actionable insight.

There are better ways!

Market research reporting can be interesting and assimilable! What follows are 6 creative ways you could be using to present your market research data.

1. Interactive Dashboards

Insightrix Insightrix-Research visualization Market-research-Data

Interactive dashboards let you communicate important information to your audience.

A dashboard is a visual display of the most significant information from a project. The information appears on a single screen, offering a quick and simple way to monitor and evaluate a study’s progress. Dashboards are a highly effective way to present data to executives who don’t have a lot of time and need to be able to check data at any point in a project.

2. Infographics

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or without an Internet connection), you’ve likely come into contact with lots of infographics over the last couple of years.

They illustrate data and combine text, images and design to tell the story of a study.

They have become exceedingly popular over the last few years since they present data in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner.

Because the are so engaging and easy to grasp with little explanation, they are ideally suited to Internet and social media sharing. This boosts your chances for organic sharing.

It’s because of this that Infographics are a great way to drive increased traffic to your website and highlight key elements of your data.


3. Presentation Software

Insightrix Insightrix-Research visualization market-research-data

The days of coming to meetings with nothing but a few clip art-laden PowerPoint slides are way over (audible cheer!). If you want your data to stand out, try using out-of-the-box presentation software like Customshow or Prezi.

These presentation platforms are a way to present information that engages audiences. They visually demonstrate how ideas relate to one another and allow collaboration in virtual space. Prezi and Customshow are cloud-based. So, you can present from your browser, desktop or tablet. Plus, you will always have the most recent version available. Presentation software like these offer visually engaging features such as zooming in and out of images and barrel rolls. This makes your insights both engaging and memorable.



4. Videos & Podcasts

Sure, these formats are usually reserved for entertainment. They are also a great way to make your presentation more engaging. Podcasts [like the Insightrix Podcast] provide listeners an opportunity to immerse themselves in the narrative, or story, behind your research. They engage your audience in a way that offers you the opportunity to connect your research and your audience in meaningful ways and are relatively easy and inexpensive to attempt.

Videos, on the other hand, let you put a face to your research and make study results more relatable and memorable. Vox pops (or streeter videos) are an effective way to bring research to life. They are video interviews with members of the public in which people speak on camera and tell the viewer what they think and how they feel about a particular subject. Videos and vox pops can supplement both qualitative and quantitative research. They are a compelling way to involve your audience in your research with minimal difficulty.

*Pro Tip – Always make sure you have permission to film before setting up in any location.*

#5. GIFs (Motion Graphics)

GIFs, or motion graphics as they are sometimes called, are very short video clips. Though short, they can be a very impactful way to present your research by helping to create a story around your data. While they can be made up of video footage, they can also be used to create short, repeating slide shows of statistical data.

Use of GIFs can help people understand difficult concepts and make your presentation more appealing.

6. Web & Mobile Apps


Insightrix-Research visualization market-research-dataEveryone has a smartphone these days.

As a result, apps are a great way to make your research more accessible to your clients.

With a couple of quick taps of the screen, your clients can have access to your research at any time and at any place on their mobile devices.

To top it off, the interactive nature of apps lets you control the research data you want to present.

Like interactive dashboards, they can be out of the reach of most students and very small firms. That said, they are definitely worth the investment for small to medium firms looking to jazz up their presentations.



Presentation of Market Research Data can be engaging

As you can see, presentation of market research data can be engaging – and it doesn’t have to be rocket science getting it done. There are lots of other ways you can present your data. These examples are only a couple of ways we’ve found that have been especially well-received. 

Can you think of other ways to present market research data? 


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