20 Best Survey Software Features

Surveys are one of the most important market research tools available, as they provide a great way to gather feedback and capture data. In this article, we present you with the 20 best survey software features that you should look for in a free software tool. There are a number of companies that provide free survey software with the features you need. Free survey software is most useful when you already have a sample plan, a fully developed questionnaire, and a detailed research plan.

When considering which survey software to use, review this checklist of features and options to ensure that you are using the tool that will provide the features you need:

  1. number of surveys you can conduct
  2. question limits per survey
  3. respondent limits
  4. number of question types
  5. real-time results and reports
  6. randomization of question options, questions per survey, and number of pages
  7. export data in CSV/MS Excel format for analysis
  8. randomize and sort answer choices
  9. branch questions and use skip logic
  10. embed images and videos
  11. range of survey templates and themes
  12. share the survey results through an online link
  13. embed survey into a webpage
  14. social media integration through Facebook and Twitter
  15. custom branding
  16. chart generation of a summary of the results
  17. question library for survey creation
  18. respondent tracking and statistics
  19. poll creation to garner quick answers from your respondents
  20. optimized for web and mobile


There are many free survey software tools, such as SurveyMonkey, Survey Planet, FluidSurveys, and QuestionPro. Before beginning a research project, make sure that you have a clear objective for your survey and review the many survey software options that are available.