10 LinkedIn Groups Every Market Researcher Should Join

LinkedIn is one of the best ways to broaden your professional network, and it also provides the opportunity to participate in discussions with peers in your field. To this end, joining groups in LinkedIn can be a great way to share best practices and perspectives, gain new insights, and take part in conversations about the market research industry. There are many great groups that are useful to market researchers and focus on a variety of topics such as research, data, presentation, visualization, and infographics. Read below to learn more about ten networking and professional LinkedIn groups that every market research professional should join.

1. Market Research Professionals

This is a networking group for professionals involved with market research, competitive intelligence, or strategic planning. The group offers a space for people to connect with others in the industry, as well as share best practices and experiences.

Created: April 3, 2008
Type: Networking Group
Members: 48,820

2. Market Research

This group is for market research professionals who conduct the majority of their research via the internet.

Created: November 9, 2007
Type: Professional Group
Members: 31,493

3. Next Gen Market Research (NGMR) – The Best MR Networking Group on the Web!

As customers and the market change, the market research industry and consumer insights are growing and changing as well. This group is for analytics professionals with more than seven years of experience who are interested in non-traditional market research.

Created: September 27, 2007
Type: Professional Group
Members: 23,110

4. The Marketing Research & Insights Group

The Marketing Research & Insights Group focuses on professional marketing research and insights, and it provides a space for research professionals to socialize, share ideas and perspectives, debate current issues in the research industry, learn industry best practices, find job opportunities, and network with colleagues. The group is open to all members of the market research community.

Created: January 17, 2009
Type: Networking Group
Members: 35,402

5. Future Trends

This group offers member the chance to connect with fellow trend hunters, corporate visionaries, and future thinkers. The group consists of members from a diverse cross-section of industries including marketing, brand/product management, consumer insights, strategic planning, product development, innovation, forecasting, future strategy, and trend tracking.

Created: July 17, 2008
Type: Networking Group
Members: 268,548

The Consumer Insights Interest Group was created to connect professionals who work with consumer insights. In the group, members are encouraged to share experiences and best practices about understanding, uncovering, articulating, and validating consumer insights.

Created: April 3, 2008
Type: Professional Group
Members: 53,037

 7. Market Research Data Visualization

The Market Research Data Visualization Group investigates how market research can leverage technology to represent data. In this group, members discuss best practices and share ideas about the most effective ways to present data, whether in PowerPoint or online portals.

Created: June 28, 2010
Type: Professional Group
Members: 7,509

8. Competitive/Market Intelligence Professionals

The Competitive/Market Intelligence Professionals Group is for people who are involved with competitive and/or market intelligence. Members include those who research, analyze, and act on intelligence, and the group provides a forum for discussion and sharing strategies.

Created: January 25, 2008
Type: Professional Group
Members: 5,619

9. Advanced Business Analytics, Data Mining and Predictive Modeling

The Advanced Business Analytics, Data Mining and Predictive Modeling Group focuses on science and analytics. The topics of discussion include data science, big data, visualization, business analytics, predictive modeling, data mining, web analytics, six sigma, econometrics, business intelligence, computational finance, quant, operations research, machine learning, data analysis, data warehousing, risk management, cloud computing, and text mining.

Created: September 28, 2007
Type: Professional Group
Members: 111,543


10. Infographics & Data Visualization

This group offers another perspective on research and data by promoting infographics and data visualization. Members of the Infographics & Data Visualization Group include artists, designers, and industry professionals who work in the field. The group provides the opportunity for networking as well as sharing infographics and other visualizations.

Created: October 13, 2011
Type: Professional Group
Members: 2,181

*Group stats as of February 4, 2014