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Employee Engagement During COVID-19

Stay connected & informed with Employee Engagement surveys

In today’s times, because of business problems brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, uncertainty has pushed millions to work from home.

It is because of these concerns leaders in many organizations are looking to business continuity strategies they have already put in place. Many have already modified their business operations to accommodate this new reality we find ourselves in – a reality that requires immediate consultation with your employees to try and adapt processes to be more suitable to remote environments.

In the current business landscape, with all the challenges and uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, it is critical to know how your employees are handling their work and whether they have the means and the support they need to succeed.

Employee engagement, Insightrix Research Inc.

Employee engagement seems like a bizarre thought when most of us are displaced and working by means of networks, video chats and instant messages. But what about letting them know they are heard and valued?

Lift employee listening with employee surveys

If you haven’t already done so, consider engaging with employees with regular questionnaires to check in on how your employees are managing during these unprecedented times.

A pulse survey approach can be used with regularly scheduled surveys administered to staff every few weeks or so to track changes as your company implements new ways of managing day-to-day operations in response to COVID-19 and the reopening of the economy.

You can use this data to see how your people are adjusting, what they may need or have questions about and areas where you can create more clarity for your staff around new procedures or policies. With more and more employees working from home, it is very important that employees stay connected to your organizational goals and modifiers are made to company cultures to accommodate for this change.

Though it may look a bit different than it did a few months ago, listening to employees so you can get valuable information to continue to connect individual work to the greater good is extremely important for engagement and performance.

Often it is the small things that are overlooked during times of quick decision-making.

For instance, while organizations were busy preparing for overhauls in technology, software and networking capabilities – there was a spike in those working from home experiencing back pain and neck soreness from improper office equipment (Brandwatch Bulletin, 05/05/20).

While organizations were preparing their technology capabilities, small things like office chairs, keyboards and mice were of utmost importance to those who have had to shift their way of working almost overnight.

A continuance in culture

A survey program is a great way to protect your work culture and continue to share your values – live your values. Showing employees their input is heard is vital to getting through this crisis and moving your company forwards both during and after COVID-19.

Collecting your employee’s opinions lets them know you care about how they are feeling and managing during what is a stressful and challenging time for them.

Employees have been through a lot over these past months and they will need continuing support and guidance from their organization. To move forward, organizations need to continue to show they are listening to their people – looking ahead and adapting to concerns and perceptions and modifying company cultures to accommodate new ways of working.

It could be you are looking to get back to the office as soon as possible, or you may be looking to make remote working the new normal for your organization. Employee engagement surveys will give you the information you need to make these organizational changes with confidence.

Through employee engagement surveys, you can get help understanding answers to questions like:

  • What concerns or needs do employees have?
  • How are managers handling things?
  • Are employees clear on expectations in this changing environment?
  • Do employees feel engaged? Are they connected to organizational goals?

When you uncover issues and concerns among employees, you aren’t just informing your business strategy – you are showing that you are willing to listen to their concerns and act.

Ensure employees are getting the right tools and information

When you’ve launched your employee engagement surveys, you will gain an abundance of information that will aid in decision-making – both now and in the new reality we will find ourselves in months from now.

Employee engagement can be defined as the strength of the mental and emotional connection employees feel towards their places of work. To feel this connection, employees require:

The right information

Employee Engagement, Insightrix Research

The right equipment

Employee Engagement, Insightrix Research

Managerial and organizational support

Valuable insight to support strategic decisions

Employee engagement surveys are an important tool in assessing and understanding how your people are coping and adjusting to new organizational procedures as we shift the future of work.

They are also a powerful approach to both communicate to your employees that you are listening to their concerns and inform your business strategy.

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